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Friday, September 24, 2021

Plight of Hindu Students in Schools Run by Christian Missionaries

A video from 2014 has made a come-back on social media and has become viral within a short span of time. The video captures a legion of infuriated Ayyappa devotees, ransacking a school. By the look of it, one may look at them as a mad Hindu fringe group vandalizing a public place. However, one needs to spend a good 10 minutes to understand what is going on in the video, which is as appalling as it gets.

The head mistress of a convent school harassed a sixth standard student – who was an Ayyappa devotee – for his faith and the rituals he was performing. His string of holy beads was torn off his neck, his gamchha was flung and stamped on, he was mocked as a ghost worshiper and made to clean the entire class.

But this is not the first or last incident of schools run by Christian Missionaries spreading hate against Hindu Dharma, or harassing Hindu students. It is horrifying to learn that in many such cases, the anti-Hindu agenda often has full approval of the headmaster/Principal.

For eg., Principal of Mission Girls High School situated in Chattisgarh’s Kunkuri forcefully collected money from students to organize prayer assemblies. Nun Pushparani, the headmistress, resorted to severely punishing students, at times by inflicting physical torture, if they failed to providing ₹200 for her cause. 450 girls boycotted the school and held a protest by gathering in the school courtyard, after the nun beat up a student so badly that she started bleeding profusely from the ear and suffered hearing loss. The teachers, inspired by the students’ valor, joined the protest. It was alleged that the school discriminates on communal lines and uses derogatory remarks for other faiths.

Back in January 2017, St. Joseph School Rameshwaram suspended two of its students for applying vibhuti on their forehead. The government aided school with over a thousand students had its administration intimidate the students preparing for their Sabarimala pilgrimage, citing that they were involved in unacceptable activities, i.e, applying the sacred ashes on their body. Post an extended discussion, students could attend classes – however, whether the Vibhuti was wiped out or not was not disclosed.

In 2006, Panvel based St. Mary School took the bigotry up a notch up and, at a time when the whole of Maharashtra was steeped in festivities during Ganesh Chaturthi, not only kept the school open but conducted exams on the festival day to ensure no Hindu student gets to partake in the festivities or perform the pooja. This invited the ire of locals towards the school which had over 80% Hindu students. They mobilized a protest after which the director of the school tendered an apology and declared a holiday on Anant Chaturdashi as well.

Missionaries are also adept at infiltrating Hindu-run schools, or schools with neutral Hindu-sounding names. For eg. in 2018, it was found that Christianity was being propagated under the guise of a ‘Balsanskar’ (values for children) class conducted during Diwali vacation for children in 6-12 year age group at Gayatri Primary School in Kalyan (East), Mumbai. Children were asked to draw pictures wherein the sacred Hindu symbol ‘Om’ was crossed out, and a tick mark was shown under the Christian ‘Cross’.

Picture that children were made to draw during a ‘Bal Sanskar’ class conducted by missionaries in Kalyan (Source: Hinduexistence.org)

St Mary’s Convent School for girls at Kanpur is also notorious for its harassment of Hindu students. Back in 2015, it punished Hindu girls for wearing mehendi and rakhi to school. The students were not only made to stand in the sun but forced to scrub off the mehendi from their palms causing bleeding.  As per reports, parents were outraged and demanded an explanation. Police intervention was also also.

A similar atrocity was repeated in 2018, when the Queen of Angel’s Convent School in Bharuch, Gujarat forced around 40 girls to stand outside their classrooms for sporting mehendi on their hands after Gauri Vrat. The girls were then suspended till the mehendi faded. Enraged guardians, joined by local BJP and VHP members, stormed into the school chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. The Christian institution was compelled to apologize for their bigotry and commit that no such nuisance would be repeated.

The barbarity doesn’t limit itself to convent schools. Students of a government primary school in Kerala were threatened against wearing kumkum, sacred threads and flowers after the appointment of a Christian headmistress. Police were summoned after anguished parents staged a protest, and the lady principal was forced to assure that she would not act against any religion.

Evangelist principals & administrators like Dr. Vijay Kumar Williams, Director of Mount Carmel Schools in New Delhi, can go to dangerous lengths to indoctrinate young minds with their religious bigotry – even rubbishing fundamental scientific concepts along with disparaging Hindu Dharma.

With a decline in Hindu educational institutions, something which has now become an undeniable trend after advent of Sonia Gandhi’s pet RTE Act, and craze for English-medium education due to unavailability of high-quality higher education in regional languages, convents are exploiting the situation to the fullest. Hindu families are knowingly or otherwise sending wards to convent schools where their minds are filled with anti-Hindu sentiments, and poor children are harassed in myriad ways if they don’t yield to the evangelist brainwashing.

Parents have to be united against such motives of missionary schools that are not here to impart education, but to execute their vicious designs of a converted Bharat.

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