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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

“Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed”- A book About Applicability of Vedic Concepts to Present Times

Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed” is an honest and sincere attempt to bring out the essential Vedic concepts by explaining them in a simple manner with examples applicable to the present times. This book is not about any faith, belief or religion.

This work is not just for the spiritually oriented. This work is also intended for college students, professionals, doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and all others who delight in getting their intellect churned.

The book conveys that the abundant timeless wisdom found in Vedic literature can be used in our day-to-day lives to make our lives peaceful, cheerful and meaningful. The goal of Vedanta is to wipe every sorrowful tear off from every eye and instead make the eyes gleam with love springing from blissful inner peace and abundant joy. The great Vedic masters understood that the very purpose of human life is to live happily, healthily and harmoniously.

Immaculate thinking expounded in Vedic concepts could also be easily applied and adopted in our professions to increase our efficiency, creativity and productivity while making our work more enjoyable and ensuring success in all our endeavours.

The Vedic scholars of ancient times were quite advanced in various fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Grammar, Literature, Architecture, Medicine, etc. However, they were not satisfied with the progress made in the scientific fields alone. They wanted to study, explore and understand the very purpose of human life. They firmly believed that life could not be just a journey from womb to tomb. Hence, the Vedic scholars embarked on the journey of internal exploration of the human mind in their quest to realize the Truth.

This book mainly covers the topics related to Jnana Yoga (path of knowledge). That means logic and reason are relied upon to convey the ideas convincingly rather than merely accepting the concepts based on belief and blind faith.

The book intends to cater to three different kinds of readers.

  • A curious reader who is interested in getting a comprehensive introduction to the ancient Indian Vedic philosophy and to realize how even in the modern era the time-tested Vedic wisdom could be applied to lead a happy, peaceful and stress-free life. Vedic concepts also help to staunchly face one’s challenges and difficulties of life without losing the smile or enthusiasm.
  • A sincere seeker who is interested in knowing about the energy that is powering our heart, lungs, eyes, ears, hands, legs, the entire body and is providing us with life every moment. Vedanta calls this energy as ‘Chit’ meaning Consciousness or Sentience. This book helps one in attaining the ultimate goal of realizing and grasping the life-giving Sentient Life Energy, the Self, Awareness, Consciousness or Atman.
  • An aspiring and motivated individual with an open mind to explore how Vedic ideas and methods could in fact be used to succeed in attaining the desired goals in any field.

Given below are the opinions of various people who reviewed the manuscript.

“The light of knowledge from this book is definitely going to illumine and enlighten the society, nation and the world. This book is a revolutionary step to usher in the golden era of ethics, morals and value-based living.”

– Dr. Chinmay Pandya, Vice Chancellor, Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, Uttarkhand, India.

“This book provides an insight into the ideas of the ancient Vedic tradition and how they might be applied to contemporary life. An excellent survey, I would certainly recommend it to those eager to consider a spiritual perspective on their life and career.”

– Dr. Herbert Daly, Senior Lecturer, Maths & Computer Science, University of Wolverhampton, UK.

“Convincingly explains how to drop the ego and realize the presence of the Sentient Life Energy that is giving us life every moment and also shows us the way to experience this all-important Sentient Life Energy.”

– Dr. Dillibabu Vijayakumar, Scientist, DRDO, Bangalore, India.

“Exist as mass of Consciousness. Exist as Sentient Life Energy. Exist as Silent Awareness. For that “Be Silent.” “Just Be.” The goal of Vedanta can’t be expressed in any simpler terms than this.”

– Dr. Veerappa Gowda, Professor, TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore, India.

“Repeatedly calling the Self or Atman as Life Energy is ingenious. Interpreting ‘Chit’ of Vedanta as Sentience and calling Atman as Sentient Life Energy is a masterstroke.”

– Dr. Guru Murthy, Dean, Spartan Health Science University, St Lucia, West Indies.

“The book is fascinating, reasonable and practical, all at the same time. Both an intellectual challenge and strangely, pleasantly relaxing to read.”

– Steven Asherman, President & CTO, Content Galaxy Inc. New York City, USA.

Co-authored by Dr. Yogi Devaraj, Arun Kumar and Venugopala CV, this book is available on Amazon.

Readers from Bharat can buy the book at Amazon India.

Readers from USA can buy it at Amazon USA.

Readers from Europe can buy it at Amazon UK.

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