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Friday, March 24, 2023

Now, Google India gives advice on pre-Diwali rituals and not bursting crackers

Superficial virtue signaling has captured the minds of Bharat’s anglicized HINOs, and thus they are becoming useful idiots for the Hinduphobic agenda of the more seasoned left-liberal-Islamist gang.

Google India’s official twitter handle started out with a poll on pre-Diwali rituals with 3 strange choices – “1. Making art with lights 2. Planning a festive feast 3. Creating party playlists (?)”, none of which communicate anything religious or what the festival is really about.

Google India employees should educate themselves with real pre-Diwali rituals: clean and decorate your home to make it spanking new and put up bright lights in preparation for inviting Maa Lakshmi into your home, and to spread happiness; buy new clothes for Diwali; buy diyas, crackers and other gits for yourself and the less fortunate; prepare special sweets; most importantly, prepare for the Lakshmi-Ganesh puja on Diwali night. Different parts of the country have different rituals associated with the festival, so they should follow that tradition to honor their ancestors and celebrate their heritage.

Diwali is not a ‘party’, so why anyone would create a ‘party playlist’ is beyond us.

As one netizen put it: “For us it was – cleaning the house, doing Laxmi pooja, getting up and showering before sunrise during narak chaturthi, making chiwda and sweets and eating good food. Pretty sure Google is talking about halloween or winter break parties in America.”

When a user questioned why ‘bursting crackers’ was not on the list of choices, Google India responded “It’s the best way to say goodbye to noise pollution (and welcome Diwali)”

In a country where noise from traffic, political rallies, parties happening in your neighbor’s house, mosque loudspeakers blaring 5 times a day, and a dozen other sources is a part and parcel of daily life, the sound of crackers being burst mostly by kids for a few hours on a festival day has acquired the status of ‘noise pollution’!

An entire native firecracker manufacturing industry has been decimated and lakhs of people impoverished. All so that a handful of elites can feel good over their ‘activism’, at having done ‘something against pollution’, or at having ‘reformed’ Hindus.

Each one of us needs to resist this distortion of Hindu Dharma, erasure of our culture and grand-standing on Hindu issues by non-practitioners with superficial knowledge at best.

The linking of crackers burst once a year on Diwali with pollution (both air and noise) has been one of the most successful and subversive socio-legal campaigns executed over the last 1-2 decades. It can be called the spearhead of the movement to de-Hinduize the country and build the ‘post-Hindu India‘ that establishment intelligentsia desires.

The deeper meaning behind bursting crackers has been all but forgotten, even among some Hindus who still celebrate Diwali as a Dharmic festival and not just an occasion to socialize, party and make merry.

The real causes of pollution – a growing economy dependent on fossil fuels, explosive growth in personal vehicles, rapid urbanization and related construction activity, poorly regulated pollutant-spewing industries, and traditional stubble burning by farmers in Punjab, Haryana and West UP – have been adroitly swept under the carpet, and the easiest punching bag, the Hindu festival of Diwali has been demeaned and made into a villain.

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