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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Liberals play old ‘tolerant Hinduism under threat’ trick to extinguish Hindu awakening

Liberals have taken Hindu tolerance for granted, and often, its principles are selectively quoted or twisted out of context to suit the liberal propaganda. Importantly, there is a constant attempt to put Hindus on the defensive by deliberately bringing up ‘Hindu tolerance’.

The liberals never fail to display their hypocrisy and double standards. People like Swara Bhaskar turn Hindus as per their convenience. They believe that only those who agree with their worldview and propaganda have the right to express themselves freely. The liberals consider it their birthright to make vile comments and unsubstantiated claims about Hindu Dharma.

The liberals have now found a convenient scapegoat in Nupur Sharma and using her remarks as an excuse; they pour their hatred against the majority and their Dharma. The apex court of the country takes the lead in this. How the SC (Supreme Court) has been dismissive of the threat to Nupur Sharma’s life is an apt example of their lack of seriousness regarding the so-called majority community.

The attitude of the highest court leaves one with the impression that any issue dealing with Hindu rights is run down or put on the backburner. Even when the worst blasphemy is done against Hindu Dharma, hurting our religious sensibilities, SC refuses to act and asks us to stop giving ‘undue importance’. The court’s observations further embolden liberals.

Insulting caste sentiments were what Hindus found blasphemous, whereas attacks on Hindu Dharma got a pass. Bharat always had laws that prohibited hurting group sentiments, but Hindus rarely exercised that route, while Muslims used the laws like a Veto with street power, forcing Governments to act. Caste identities persist stronger than ever, but Hindus have learned to blend them into a macro Hindu identity when needed. Hindus, too self-congratulatory for their tolerance, are on the offensive against blasphemy for the first time. That will be Nupur Sharma’s enduring legacy.

Hindus haven’t taken lightly anti-Hindu actions and hate speech by Ajmer Dargah Khadims, which has led to a fall in visitors to the dargah. This newfound assertion is giving the liberals heartburn. Therefore, liberals are now coming up with the argument of ‘tolerant Hinduism’ being replaced by ‘aggressive Hindutva.’ Hindutva and Hindu Dharma are the same, and standing up for one’s Dharma is not intolerance.

A significant section of Hindu society has realized that their tolerance is being taken for weakness. Hence, Hindus came out in support of Nupur Sharma. The liberals are now attempting to put Hindus on the defensive but Hindu Dharma says Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah (Dharma protects those who protect it). Even Sri Krishna says that a person must stand up for Dharma. No Dharmic scripture recommends passivity when Dharma is under threat.

(Featured Image Source: The Wire)

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