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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Lesser known facts about Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani, ‘greatest’ Sufi of Kashmir

Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani was the greatest Sufi of Kashmir. He imposed 20 mandatory commandments on Hindus of Kashmir. A Hindu could be could be killed and his property confiscated if he violated any of these conditions. This law was strictly implemented for almost 500 years.


This Sufi Shah Hamadan’s mosque was constructed after the destruction of Kali temple at the site. Even to this day, a Sindoor mark of the old temple and an old spring dedicated to Devi can be seen on the foundations of the mosque.

Baharistan-I-Shahi, a 17th century Persian chronicle which praises Sufis of Kashmir, gloats that Hamadan built his mosque on top of a Hindu temple.


According to Tarikh I Kashmir, Sufi Hamadani asked the Brahman of the Kali temple to recite Shahada and give up Hindu Dharma (“idolatry”). The Brahman refused to chant Shahada. Enraged, Sufi Hamadani cut the Brahman’s tongue along with his Janeu. Both were put on public display.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of @BharadwajSpeaks)

(Featured image source: Getty Images)

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  1. This post speaks about Sayyid Ali Hamadani, “the Sufi” from Hamadan in Iran, whom Kashmiri Muslim historians gave the sobriquet of Shah-i-Hamadan. They consider him a Sufi saint who brought Islamic faith to Kashmir around the closing years of the 14th century. Shri Amit Shah, Union Home Minister has, out of sheer ignorance of the history of Kashmir, Islam and Sufism, showered praises on Sufi cult expressing a hope that it will help (him) in defusing explosive situation in Kashmir. There can be nothing more naive.
    I would suggest Amit Shah ji and all others indulging in a sordid narrative like this to get hold of two books and read them thoroughly with patience and with an urge to understand and analyse what Kashmiri Islam is. This will help them know Kashmir history in real.
    1. Bahristan-i-Shahi (A Chronicle of Medieval Kashmir) by Kashi Pandit, Akshaya
    Prakashan, 208 M.G. House, 2 Community Centre, Wazirur Industrial Area, Delhi –
    2. Tohfatul Ahbab (A Muslim Missionary in Medieval Kashmir) by Kashi Pandit, Aditya Prakashan, 2/18, Ansari Road, New Delhi.
    In the book No 2 above, the author has written about 80 pages by way of introduction to Sufism explaining in depth what havoc sufiism has wrought on humanity. He strongly argues that Hamadani was a rabid Islamic missionary and not a sufi at all.

  2. The hatred of Hindus by Muslims is very deep rooted. This hate philosophy began to take root since the Muslims invaded India. And then it ramified steadily thru the labyrinth of our society by the Muslim rulers and Ullemas.
    Islam is a great religion. It means global fraternity, as I know. In spite of that why these Muslims are so violent and take anti-Hindu stance, I cannot make out. Why they don’t embrace people of other religion with love and forbearance instead waging violence on them?


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