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Journey of Bharatiya Secularism, a tool that is used to destroy the soul of Bharat, Hindu Dharma

On 26th January our country celebrated its 72nd Republic Day. On this occasion, usually many adjectives are given to Bharat, among those “India is secular country” is main. This sentence often comes into light whenever there happens any pride moment for Indic culture such as Sri Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan and the bills like CAA and NRC that give justice to Hindus.

Whenever government takes steps to preserve native culture and tries to give justice to Hindus ,there will be a long debate and large outrage from media and intellectuals by saying “this is majoritarianism” or “the future of Secularism is in danger”, etc. But the same media and intellectuals stay quiet on the seven decades long appeasement politics and policies by government. This is ‘Secularism’ in Bharat.

In our country, secularism in fact has been colonialism, not in disguise but in a bold new aggressive and intolerant form propelled not by foreign rule but by the rule foreign mindsets of Bharatiyas. It is the cultural poison of socialist era started by Nehru. His secularism meant that “even if you don’t abuse Hindu Dharma openly, you must not glorify it and must not criticize Muslims”.

His idea of secularism took Hindus as granted for everything. The cultural genocide that the Nehruvian-Marxist alliance wrought on Bharat over the last seventy years and its great civilization of many thousands of years under the name of secularism and socialism. While Bharat did not politically become communist, it was the communist sympathising culture which got State patronage under the guise of secularism.

Secularism became the worst nightmare for our education system and history writing. British policy of education and history writing is still ruling in our country. The one solid obstacle that the British encountered in their endeavour to enslave Bharat not only politically but also culturally was the soft power known as Hindu Dharma and its value system.

To destruct this value system and rich cultural legacy of Bharat, British introduced Macaulay system, that system worked very effectively to create the hatred for native culture, language, tradition and value system. This system began with imposition of English education and targeting Indic culture and educational values.

While at one level, it did open new vistas in the area of science, technology and Western ideas accompanying cultural destruction, it brought about is a blow that Bharat seems to be unable to recover from. Indeed post independence this process acquired state patronage under the Prime Minister Nehru.

Main purpose of history books is to instill a sense of national pride and honour and to inculcate a sense of nationalism. But in our country, history books are brutal towards the glorious past and these books creates hatred about glorious past, culture and unbroken civilization. This is due to the fact that Bharat has largely kept intact the British approach to Bharatiya history devised in colonial era. Students who study from such books come away apologetic or confused about their country and its traditions.

Communist inspired textbooks in Bharat have continued the colonial agenda of Bharat as having no united culture and its main rulers historically of being either Buddhist or Muslims. Instead of rejecting colonial view of its history and culture, these textbook have often justified it in the name of socialism and secularism. These commie historians propagated early Bharatiya history of Vedas and Puranas as mythology and glorified Islamic conquest as the real Bharatiya history.

These historians whitewashed all the plunders, rapes, massacres and conversions of Hindus by foreign invaders. These invaders came to Bharat for their only motive of expanding Islam by killing and converting infidels which were stated in their biographies too, but our historians whitewashed their motives in one sentence which is that they were attracted towards wealth of Bharat and that’s why they invaded Bharat.

The same historians neglected the dominant Hindu ethos of the country and its history before the Islamic period. Bharat was at its zenith in all aspects in the whole world during the rule of Hindu dynasties like Pala, Sena, Chola, Pandya, Chera, Gupta, Vardhan, Satavahan, Rashtrakuta, Chalukya, and Vijayanagara, but their history are completed in just two or three paragraphs by these historians.

These historians swallowed ancient Bharatiya history by stating it as mythology and reduced history of Hindu dynasties to a mere footnote because that history is impossible to neglect. History of Krishnadevaraya is the biggest example of their downplay of the glorious Hindu rulers. His history, achievements are ended up in just two paragraphs while the achievements of Akbar (false glorification) consists whole chapters. This is a beautiful tactic to reduce the great Hindu kings to a mere footnote.

The standard modus operandi of the Marxist historians seems to glorify Muslim depots and point Hindu rulers as rebels , greedy and characterless. Fortunately many Hindu dynasties have left behind their records of their reign and accomplishments. In such cases, because ignoring them is impossible, the Marxist tactic has completely downplayed them, to reduce their importance to a mere footnote.

I want to quote Sandeep Balakrishna on consequences of Marxist history

“The leftist ransack of Indian history is the systematic manner in which they have succeeded in brainwashing at least three generations of Indians to be ashamed of taking pride in timeless , unbroken , cultural, local traditions and accomplishments to the extent that both lay readers and students are repelled at and therefore disown them”

Writing of history of Bharat is the practice application of the Gangadhar Adhikari Thesis which disowns Bharat as united culture. Even though communists were unable to practically apply Adhikari Thesis on political stance, they succeeded to apply this thesis into our history books.

The fiercest attack of blood thirsty secularism was on Hindu traditions, temples, literature and cultural practices. They suffered heavy attacks of secularism. Monstrous attacks, policies by various classes, agencies with government patronage are arranged on Hindu Dharma in the guise of secularism. Among this, the secular attacks on temples are very brutal.

Hindu temples are that places who inherited cultural and civilizational trait upon which centuries of brutal alien invasion and current venom of secularism have failed to make serious dents . But the constant attacks by the seculars, liberals and neutrals made it easier to make the dents.

Post independence under the rule of Nehru the temple culture was intentionally neglected and targeted with a monstrous policy of putting Hindu temples directly under government control. The ecosystem of Hindu temples were completely broken down due to interference of government. What the thousand years of alien invasion and two centuries of British colonialism were unable to do, the secularism did in just seventy years by breaking down the temple ecosystem completely.

Wonders like Kailash Nath temple were ignored by the government. Government didn’t spent a single penny for cleaning and maintaining Hindu temples but for Taj Mahal and other structures of alien Islamic aggression on Bharat are well maintained by government with very high advertising of them on government funds which is taken from temples.

Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site that has hundreds of marvelous Hindu temples, became a heaven of drug addicts, pedophiles, rampant prostitutions and wholesale land encroachment. Almost all the Hindu temples are surrounded by illegal construction, mosques and churches. Due to secularism, government also joined hands to destroy the marvelous Hindu heritage all over the nation by being silent spectator.

Under the guise of secularism, communists, Christians, Muslims can be brought on to Hindu temple boards. Revenues can be taken from Hindu temples and allocated for State purposes, which government uses to give benefits to religious minorities.

Rampant attacks on Hindu traditions, festivals under the guise of secularism has increased nowadays. International and national media and intellectuals target the Hindu festivals by stating them as patriarchal, misogynist, irrelevant, harmful to environment, etc. But on other religious festivals they keep quiet. Brahmin priests and the whole Bramhin community are often brutally targeted by them.

By the means of secularism, Hindu Dharma is often kept under the lenses of feminism, liberalism, post modernism, queerphobia, etc., and resulted the so called movement of allowing entry of women of all ages in the Sabarimala temple which was the most brutal attack on Hindu traditions over the last two centuries. Under the guise of secularism, Hindu Dharma is targeted by all such lobbies on its traditions, festivals and values by using irrelevant alien lenses.

Secularism also provided a shield for breaking Bharat forces. Christian missionaries with the alliance of Maoists are exploiting tribals against Bharat. They want to break Bharat into pieces by creating violence and fake identity crisis. In Tamil Nadu they created fake Dravidian identity; in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, large scale conversion and attacks on temples happening with the State’s support; northeast became the next Kashmir for Bharat; and Andhra Pradesh and Odisha are stepping towards Christianization just like the Northeastern States.

These two enemies, Christian Missionaries and Maoist, formed strong alliance by having same motive are united against Bharat under the guise of secularism. Their ultimate motive is to Christianize and break Bharat to seize of political power by using secularism as a tool.

Unlike the earlier eras, where physical force formed a major arsenal, today the worldwide Christian missionaries, Marxists, minority vote bank, compromised academics and English media started ongoing global jihad against Bharat by means of infiltration and subversion within by using secularism.

Secularism is the unofficial religion of colonial mind set people who have a prophet named Nehru, an unwritten Koran as its policies, a caliphate as Congress and Caliph as its president which is the hereditary jagir of his successor. What the word secularism gave to Bharat is nothing but the vast ammunition to evangelist, Breaking India forces, jihadists, Communists to break Bharat by destroying its core called Hindu Dharma and seize political power.

Today the average Hindu is woefully ill informed, confused and largely ignorant about almost every aspect his own culture and hates his own nation.

Finally I want to quote Mr. Ananda Coomaraswamy for stating what secularism gave us

“Hindu is a non descript and superficial being deprived of all roots, a sort of intellectual pariah who does not belongs to east or west, the past or the future”.


  • Seventy years of secularism , unpopular essays on the unofficial political religion of India by Mr. Sandeep Balakrishna
  • Breaking India by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra

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Akshat Lahane
Akshat Lahane
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