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Friday, June 2, 2023

JIHAD: The Holy War or Organized Terrorism?

The entire world seems in peril from ‘Islamic Terrorism’. At first you may disagree but read further before you arrive at any sort of conclusion.

The Quran states that-

And when the holy months have passed away, slay the idolaters (those who worship idols) wherever you find them, take them, confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place to trap them. But if they repent (by converting), perform the prayer (Namaz), and pay the alms (Zakat), then let them go their way.

Quran, 9.5

The above said is one of the verses of the Quran that allude to ruthless domination, forced conversion and mindless slaying.

The only way to fight the evil of Islamic terrorism is by cognising the way they operate. The pious war of the fundamentalist Muslims is known as ‘Jihad’ that has posed to be a hazard for the entire world. Jihad is a well thought of terrorism that operates at various levels. It has various shades, types and changes in accordance with the situation and time. It is not just limited to individuals, rather national and international groups plan a certain type of terrorism, fund it and go on to execute it. The aim is simple- converting the entire globe into ISLAM.

Do not think that all of this happens somewhere and you have nothing to do with it. The Islamic terrorism virus is more dangerous than the Covid-19 virus. All of this is happening right under your nose for many Muslims participate in this holy war directly or indirectly. Your Muslim neighbour, your Muslim friend with whom you had a cup of coffee or your favourite Khan from Bollywood, there is a good chance they are party to this war in their own way. This may sound like someone is trying to instigate you against all Muslims but to understand this lucidly, you need to think like a practising fundamentalist Muslim.

Baba Sahib Ambedkar rightly stated that “The brotherhood of Muslims is not universal rather it is brotherhood of Muslims towards Muslims”. Therefore, the Quran ordains them to stay away from the Kafirs, not marry them unless they convert and not even be friends with them or make friends only when prudence demands (for eg. when Muslims are in minority) or with the ‘Niyat’ of converting them. Don’t believe? Read on then and testify at your own convenience. The Quran states that:

Do not marry idolatresses, until they believe (convert); a believing slave-girl (prostitute) is better than an idolatress, though you may admire her.


We (Momin or Muslims) will generate terror in the hearts of those who are idolaters and disbelieve.


When you encounter the Kafirs (those who believe in any one other than Allah) on the battlefield, cut off their heads until you have thoroughly defeated them and then take the prisoners and tie them up firmly.


They [Kafirs] will be cursed, and wherever they are found, they will be seized and murdered. It was Allah’s practice with them, and you will find no change in Allah’s ways.


Let not believers (Momins or Muslims) take disbelievers (Kafirs or those who worship anyone else other than Allah) as friends, rather than believers. And whoever does so has nothing to do with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the final destination.”


It is therefore very clear that Muslims will never foster loyalty against anyone who is a non-Muslim and since Quran categorically orders them to fight against anyone who is a non-Muslim, all Momins (Muslims who believe in Allah, Prophet Muhammad as the last messenger and the final day of judgement ‘Qyamat’) are a party to the holy war called ‘Jihad’ in accordance with the Quran-

Fight those who do not believe in Allah and in the Last Day of Judgement, nor hold that as forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), nor acknowledge the religion of Truth (Islam), even if they are the people of the Book (Christians and the Jews) fight them until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”


Let us now understand one of the central concepts of Islam called ‘Ummah’. The word is of Arabic origin and refers to a ‘Community of the Muslims’. The concept of ‘Quranic Ummah’ contradicts the very concept of ‘Nation or Country’. Therefore, for a Muslim his/her religion will always come first followed by community. Loyalty to the Nation is a bogus question for this concept has no existence in the Quran. This may answer why Muslims have a problem with saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ or singing the National Anthem. It becomes very clear that the concept of Ummah stands bang opposite to the very concept of Loktantra (democracy) and Rashtravada (nationalism). The only aim of a Muslim is the enlargement of his community by the spread of Islam till the last man in the area, city, state, country and the world becomes a Muslim.

You must be wondering about the sudden shift from Jihad-The Holy War of the Muslims to Ummah-The Community of the Muslims. The introduction to these two central concepts is essential in understanding how ‘Jihadi Terrorism’ operates in order to spread Islam and broaden the Ummah. Let’s have a look at how the community is broadened by ‘Jihadi Terrorism’ and what kinds of ‘Jihadi Terrorism’ exist –

1. Jihad by Identifying Soft Targets: it has been observed that Muslim men target women and families who can be emotionally exploited. Women with a failed marriage, widowed women, financially weak women, single women, young girls whose families or parents have strained relations, overtly outgoing women who have little understanding of their religion, culture and traditions are all targeted by Muslim men. They further convert families who are financially weak, have low education and have no roots installed in culture and traditions. Not just Muslim men but now Muslim women are also proactive in duping Hindu men. So-called ‘upper caste’ Hindu women are especially coveted.

2. Jihad by Wedlock: Muslims target young men and women and fool them into ‘Nikah’. By doing so they not just convert a Hindu into Islam but further produce Muslims out of her/him. The target is brainwashed, emotionally bullied and taken for granted until he/she converts to Islam. Later, she/he becomes a victim, is unable to follow her original faith, becomes frustrated, and fails to teach his /her children the culture and traditions of his /her original faith system. If the target is a woman, she is beaten and abused, her support system is ruined and her confidence takes a toll. Either her life becomes a living hell or she commits suicide and in certain cases she faces the music of Talaaq or Talaaq followed by Halala.

3. Jihad by Ruining one’s Identity or Killing: Nikita Tomar’s murder was a perfect example of how a Hindu woman is put to death if she refuses to convert and marry a Muslim. A woman is destined to a similar end if she realizes her mistake post Nikah and wishes to return back to her religion. She is tortured at a physical, mental, emotional and psychological level and her confidence, identity and foundations are tarnished.

4. Jihad by Capturing of Land: Jihad by conquering pieces of land continues with the aim of taking over the entire Bharatiya subcontinent and bringing it under the influence of Islam. This concept also finds mention in the Hadith, a collection of sayings & practises of Muhammad. Tarek Fateh, who himself was born in a Muslim family has openly criticized this concept. It also refers to capturing land in prime locations in order to set up mosques, madrasa and centers where Jihadis are prepared and trained. Muslims also gradually capture certain areas where it becomes extremely tough for any Hindu to penetrate or live and even if they do start living there, they experience immense fear. Such no-go areas also face another issue of boycotting Kafirs. Though, there is no documentation of the same yet everyone is aware that boycott of Hindus (Kafirs) in such area is prevalent and unofficially they are discouraged to purchase properties or take houses on rent in such areas.

5. Jihad through Halal Food: Halal meat is that which is ‘Jayaz’. It is that where the animal is slaughtered slowly by a Muslim while thanking Allah. Meat from animals slaughtered by non-Muslims cannot be Halal. It is one of the most painful way a living being can die. Not only is such food inhumane and ties us down in the shackles of ‘Karma’ but further the money earned from selling this meat is donated as ‘Zakat’. This donated money often ends up funding many international Islamic terrorist organizations. Therefore, each time you purchase ‘Halal Meat’ from your nearby butcher, McDonalds, KFC, Swiggy and Zomato remember that you are not only promoting cruel slaughtering of an animal and tying yourself down in the unforgiving shackles of ‘Karma’ but are also promoting Jihad. So before you order ‘Halal Meat’ ask yourself if you are funding the next 26/11 attack or the death of many innocent lives. However, when you stop purchasing ‘Halal Meat’ rejoice that you have not just saved a life that was to be slaughtered for your momentary taste but you also stood against the Jihad of terrorism.

6. Jihad Through Bollywood- Bollywood has had a history of ‘Soft Jihad’ be it through music where words like ‘Allah, Maula, Salam, Kafir’ and so on are increasingly used, or through films where conveniently a Brahmin girl like ‘Mukku’ in Kedarnath falls in love with a Muslim boy or a Rajput girl ‘Rashmi Rajput’ is married to ‘Asif’ in Laxmii. It doesn’t stop here, you have uncountable examples of Muslims in Bollywood and television industry marrying (and often dumping) Hindu women.

7. Jihad by Killing in Order to Reduce Numbers: this sort of Jihad takes place by mass killing of people in order to drastically reduce numbers. Bomb blasts, human bomb suicides, beheading en masse are the various forms of Jihads through which one can kill people in large numbers. 25th March 2020 saw an Islamic terrorist attack where 25 Sikhs were killed in the Kabul Gurudwara. On 10th November 2020 in Mozambique, fanatic Islamic terrorists beheaded 50 people. The Islamic terrorist attacks in the name of Jihad are uncountable and the whole world is in terror due to them.

It is important for all Hindus to realise that Jihad can only be successful if you allow it to be successful. However, if you elect to be enlightened, be careful and make sure that along with secular education you also strengthen your ‘Shaastra Gyaan’, you will be protecting yourself from against Jihad. When you will be rooted in culture, knowledge, and traditions no one will be able to divide you or convert you through any sort of Jihad.

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