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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hindu society stands trapped by its own slogan, one popularized by Gandhi

Hindu elite continue to shout its slogan of sarva-dharma-sambhav vis-à-vis Christianity & Islam. It is rare to meet a member of the Hindu elite who does not shout from the housetops that Christianity and Islam are as good religions as his own Sanatana Dharma.

There is no dearth of dim-witted but sanctimonious scholars who line up quotations from the Bible and the Quran alongside quotations from Hindu shastras in order to prove the “essential unity of all religions”.

Matters have come to such a pass that a Hindu who does not subscribe to this slogan suffers ostracism from the elite circles of Hindu society. Hindu politicians are the worst culprits. They are mortally afraid of being branded as “Hindu communalists”.

And they have neither the knowledge nor the courage to change the universe of public discourse. The secularists have only to invent a new slogan; the Hindu politicians are the first to fall in line. The only purpose they serve is to keep Hindu society always on the defensive.

Neither the missionary nor the mullah subscribes to the slogan of sarva-dharma-sambhav. Each one of them is convinced and proclaims publicly that his own creed is the only true one, and that to equate it with Sanatana Dharma is the height of blasphemy.

Each of them claims that Hindu society cannot stop him from converting as many Hindus as he can, by all means including force and fraud, without repudiating its own slogan and thus knocking the very bottom out of Secularism.

Every Hindu objection to conversions, they say, exposes the Hindus as hypocrites who do not mean what they say. But if you ask the Hindu leaders to renounce this mischievous slogan, they denounce you as one who is trying to upturn an established Hindu tradition.

They do not know that this slogan was coined by Mahatma Gandhi, and that it stood totally defeated in his own life-time. The future of Hinduism and Hindu society is dark if this is not debunked, and Islam and Christianity are allowed to march as they are doing at present.

Source: Page 116-117, Defense of Hindu Society by Sita Ram Goel

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @Buddhimedia on May 4, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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