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Friday, March 1, 2024

Sakal Hindu Samaj to hold Jan Aakrosh rally demanding laws against Gauhatya, love jihad, & religious conversion: Pune

Sakal Hindu Samaj (a combination of several Hindu organizations & common Hindus) is organizing a rally demanding strict laws to deal with crimes such as Gauhatya (cow slaughter), love jihad, and religious conversion. They want these laws to be applied all over the country. The rally will be held on January 22 at 10 AM. Hindus were asked to gather at Lal Mahal from where the rally is scheduled to start.


Hindus were asked to take a day out for Dharma. Sakal Hindu Samaj conducted a similar morcha in Pimpri Chinchwad in December 2022. Speaking at the rally, Swarupa Bhai pointed out that Hindus are being converted either through allurements or forcibly. He called for government interference to stop such religious conversions.

Saurabh Karde asked people to keep an eye on the activities of Christian missionaries. “Look out for missionaries. See whether they ask people to convert by offering them money and medicine. Those who ask people to take Hindu Devis & Devatas out of our homes should be thrown out of the country”, he said. Karde also said that cow smuggling takes place throughout the year and Gaurakshaks have registered their complaint with the Palika regarding the smuggling.

The rally comes at a time when Hindus, particularly in Maharashtra, have come together demanding laws against love jihad and forced conversions. Besides the laws, Sakal Hindu Samaj wants Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj’s Balidan Diwas (death anniversary) to be declared as Dharamveer Din as a tribute to his sacrifice for the cause of Dharma.

Maharaj and his close friend Kavi Kalash were captured by deceit and subjected to inhumane torture by the Islamic fanatic Aurangzeb. At the end of 40 days of torture which included plucking out their nails, throwing chilli powder in their eyes, blinding, chopping off his tongue, fingers, toes, and hands, pulling out their hairs, skinning them alive and pouring salt water after skinning; Aurangzeb found himself on the losing side despite capturing Chhatrapati Sambhaji through deceit.

The mere thought sends shivers down our spines and is sure to make the reader teary-eyed but Chhatrapati was a lion in the real sense of the term and bore everything bravely. Till the last moment, he refused to bow down before Aurangzeb and flatly refused to accept his offer. His fight for Dharma and refusal to give it up at any cost earned him the title Dharmaveer (one who stands for Dharma). Hence, it is only fair that his death anniversary (Phalgun Amavasya) is declared as Balidan Din.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj (Shambhu Raje) is one among the several Hindu kings who has never got his due place in history. There has either been attempts to malign his image by making baseless allegations regarding his character or secularize him (just like Chhatrapati Shivray) or totally ignore him as is the case with most Hindu rulers.

Very little is spoken of his political acumen and military achievements and even less about his Dharmic works, particularly in history textbooks. In his nine-year reign, Shambhu Raje had not just carried forward the legacy he had inherited from Chhatrapati Shivray but also left a distinct stamp of his own that is yet to be acknowledged.

The Hindu society has awoken and organizations are proactively taking up causes that affect the community.

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  1. We need much more of this. Poora Hindu Samaaj jagruk karo, aur demand laws to safeguard our Hindu dharm. We are facing existential threat, and if nothing is done, all of India will become like Kashmir in 100 years. Remember, as late as 1947, Hindus were 30% of Kashmir valley. Today they are 0%. It does not take that long once the demography slides towards the Muslims: they are ruthless and do not have the divisiveness of us Hindus. They will simply take us out. Our only chance is next 15 years while they are still a manageable minority in many parts of India. For places like Kerala and WB, bus has already left the station.


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