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Sunday, May 19, 2024

TN: Girl takes own life after government aided Muslim school teacher rains obscenities

A Hindu girl allegedly took her life after a Muslim teacher scolded and beat her in front of her classmates. As the area in Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu where the incident took place is dominated by Muslims, the local jamaat (Islamic religious org) is alleged to have suppressed the incident. Hindu organisations have extended support to the victim’s family and are helping them get justice.

Kavitha, a 12th standard student of Mela Pallivasal (mosque) Higher Secondary School was reportedly scolded and beaten in front of her classmates for not doing homework. Samshad Nisha, the Muslim teacher is said to have used vulgar phrases to berate the girl. Kavitha was visibly upset like any teenager would be after a public humiliation. Her parents consoled her and assured that they’ll talk to the teacher once the school reopened after Deepavali holidays.

However it was too much for Kavitha and she took her life by consuming rat poison when her parents, daily wagers, went to work. The concerned school is a Muslim school run with government aid. Ilayangudi where the school is located is a Muslim majority area. As per the 2011 census data Muslims constitute 70% of the panchayat.

Local jamaats have allegedly pressured the police to not act, fear mongering that it will lead to communal tension. Kavitha’s parents have alleged that despite lodging a complaint with the police they haven’t taken any action so far. They have threatened to protest if necessary action isn’t taken on the school and the teacher.

While the death of Kavitha went unnoticed, another teen’s death is exploited by anti-Hindu forces to demonise Hindu dharma. A 12th standard student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya school in Coimbatore took her life unable to bear the sexual harassment of her physics teacher Mithun Chakravarti.

In her suicide not she has mentioned 2 other names, “Rita’s grandpa and Elisa’s dad” along with Chakravarti. Chakravarti and Mini @ Meera Jackson, the ex-principal to whom Tharani complained, have been arrested. But the other two people haven’t even found the media glare while Dravidianist and Islamist organisations demonise the Chinmaya Mission and Hindu Dharma.

Thirumurugan Gandhi, the chief of May 17, a Dravidianist anti-Bharat organisation, tweeted “The real worth of these institutions that claim to teach Hindu values have come to the fore with PSSB and Chinmaya Vidyalaya. To protect the victims, the masks of these school administrations should be torn. From IIT Madras’ Fathima to Pon Tharani the atrocities of such casteists are not being countered.”

The issue is being twisted to blame Chinmaya Mission, the values it teaches and therefore Hindu Dharma. Earlier during the outrage over Padma Seshadri school as well, a Muslim teacher was found have sexually harassed his girl students in another govt-aided Muslim school Pallivasal HSS. However that incident also went unnoticed as the school management and Muslim organisations suppressed it using their clout. 

It can be seen that the same is repeating in Kavitha’s case as well. While Muslims came out in large numbers with the involvement of PFI, SDPI, etc to protest against Chinmaya Vidyalaya, in Kavitha’s case the jamaat is suppressing the incident from getting covered.

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  1. Are we in Bharat Desh…? why the State and Central Governments are not punishing these Muslim School and Dravidians sponsored schools.. against the atrocities on Hindu children…are we in Pakistan or in Afghanistan…? Just by Muslim population explosion, will they take Liberty of Hindus and Hindu sentiments…? Our country must take very seriously about the Muslim population explosion…to advice them only one wife, to have only one child. They must follow Hindu Rashtra rules, if they don’t obey let them FO to Afganistan/Pakistan.


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