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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Being Hindu: 8 simple things to do to root younger generation in Dharma

Marxists and Abrahamics know their agenda very well and hence it is important that Hindus root the younger generation in Dharma. Hindu Dharmic schools begin with the disadvantage of RTE burden making it difficult for them to sustain in the long run. So how do we cover up for that?

Here are a few things Hindus can do:

1) children always imitate and follow the footsteps of their elders so make sure you follow Dharma & not impose it.

2) There are enough Dharmic stories that are both knowledgeable and cool. Familiarize your kids with them. It serves the purpose of teaching Dharma in an interesting way & you’ll learn quite a lot yourself along the way. Panchatantra stories would be a good starting point.

3) Make sure you familiarize them with historians such as Shri Sitaram Goel, Shri Ram Swarup & others as soon as they are teens.

4) Halloween, Christmas & New year have been made ‘cool’ by vested commercial interests but it is for us to make our numerous festivals, daily anushtanas & customs interesting. Put the coolness back in the tilak, Bhagwa & Dharma.

5) There are Bal Vihars & other such groups to teach kids our Dharma. Or you can start study circles in your society or neighbourhood.

6) Ensure you teach at least one Shloka very early on. Sow the seeds early, they are sure to germinate sooner or later.

7) Introduce youngsters to Hindu Dharmic Granthas. Ramayana and Mahabharat, particularly the latter, are ideal starting points in my view.

8) Weekly visits to temples, and during festivals and birthdays, is a must. Listen to discourses and kathas.

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