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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hate speech against Yoga by Christian preachers

Is Yoga Hindu? While some corporate gurus and elite ‘Hindu in name only’ people propagate that Yoga is science and that it has nothing to do with religious concepts of Hindu Dharma, we have Christian preachers tarnishing Hindu gods an d beliefs in their attempt to discourage Christians who want to practice Yoga. Here are two such accounts.

“The creator of Yoga Patanjali is called as an avataram of Adi Seshan by Hindus. Adi means old and Seshan is a snake, so this term literally translates to ‘old snake’. In our Bible the word Satan, Sarpam (snake) has been mentioned directly. Should a Christian do something an ‘old snake’ human has told? Yoga practitioners say it was Patanjali, the old snake Avatar, who introduced a formal methodology to practice Yoga. They say he had the body of a snake below hips and a human form above hips. Half man, half snake. I wonder if it was such a snake that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden?

Look how Satan tricks you..if you do kundalini Yoga, sperms will die for a man and the eggs will die for a woman. You won’t be able to conceive if you do it everyday. You won’t have a child. The teachings of a snake human, are they the teachings of Satan or God? It’s the teaching of Satan. So Yoga is a satanic deception. It’s the doctrine of Satan. It is not said in  the Bible for us to follow the teachings of Satan. The first position itself is for Shiva, the destroyer. They say look at the one who destroys. Only then he wouldn’t destroy you. So his nature is destruction. But our god’s nature is not destruction. Our god’s nature is creation”

“Yoga is a Sanskrit word. It is not a Tamil or Hindi word. The positions in hatha Yoga are supposed to release something called kundalini spirit which is an evil spirit and it supposedly gives you light. Each position is linked to releasing a spirit which is evil. This kundalini spirit, an evil spirit is supposed to give you light..great shakthi..every position you adopt has a meaning and it links one to an evil spirit. By doing this and that you let the evil spirits inside the end you’ll have to go here and there trying to chase the evil spirit. Instead of being like this, avoid it. So Yoga is totally wrong for Christians..

Kundalini Yoga is real. I’m not denying that. It’s true. They find it and use a duplicate key for the lock god has put on us. Is using a duplicate key right? It’s wrong, no? That’s what we are saying. It is wrong. Unlocking using a duplicate key means they are entering tombs. Satan takes it away from you. That is what he trains you for. ‘Sit like this; stand like that’ if he manages to make one do these, then that human becomes the slave of Satan. What belongs to a slave belong to his master, no? Satan takes it away and he grows strong. Satan can grow only by using humans. He can’t pray for anything from God. So we have all the shakthi. I’m not denying that. Jesus has locked it all. He will give it when time comes. If one tries different methods to open it when the time has not come, then it’s illegal. If one does meditation, tries to break the ties it’s illegal. Yoga is illegal.”

It mustn’t leave our notice that Nagaland Baptist Church Council asked its constituent associations and churches to refrain from practicing Yoga. In a circular released in August, 2017 it discouraged the students from practicing Yoga as the church viewed serioany form of meditation, philosophical thinking and transcendental meditation tied to any religion contrary to Christian world.

NBCC letter

Incidentally, the same NBCC had also issued an open letter to voters in Nagaland last year clearly asking for votes to be cast on basis of religion and making baseless allegations of Christian persecution.

If the church and Christians don’t like Yoga, they can very well not practice it. What gives them the right to slander the beliefs of Hindus in the name of declaring Yoga unchristian? Why can’t the church make its laity believe in attaining salvation through their God alone? Why do they feel the need to demean the customs and values of another religion to make their laity believe in their God?

It doesn’t stop here, as there is another section of Christians trying to appropriate Yoga as a Christian practice.

Hindus are up against a two front war, defending our beliefs and value system from anti-Hindus who slander it while also trying to appropriate the same.

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