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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Enough with unilateral “Bhaichara” – Lesson for Hindus from Eidgah controversy, Rana Ayyub’s tweet

Ganapati Puja is not just one of the significant Hindu festivals; it marks the beginning of most major annual Hindu festivities. But for days before Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindus of Karnataka were stuck wondering if at all they would be able to seat Bappa at the famous public ground in Chamrajpet, Bengaluru colloquially known as ‘Eidgah Maidan’. While the judgments from the High Court and the Supreme Court opposed each other and kept the Hindus guessing, what worked as an eye-opener was the attitude and response of millions of Islamists who are hiding amongst us.

The vehemence with which the Islamist camp opposed celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at the playground which doubles up as an Eidgah during annual Eid celebrations, exposed that in this country the burden of communal harmony has been shouldered only by the Hindus. A tweet by rabid Islamist, financial fraud accused columnist of The Washington Post, Rana Ayyub, was a slap on the faces of dhimmis and liberal Hindus who still believe in the farce of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb. 

Rana Ayyub finds celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at the Eidgah Maidan a “sickness”. 

Here, we must highlight that the so-called Eidgah Maidan is government property. No Muslim individual or entity owns the maidan or enjoys exclusive rights to the same. Hindus, desiring to celebrate one of their greatest festivals in an open field that doesn’t belong to any Muslim, is “sickness” to a rabid Islamist. 

Netizens quickly responded to Ayyub’s sick bigotry by employing her presented logic. Some asked why Muslims line up on the roads to offer Namaz when the country has lakhs of mosques. The Jaipur Dialogue quizzed why Islamists were even present in Bharat when they had already been allotted Pakistan. 

The hypocrisy of Rana Ayyub was also exposed when netizens juxtaposed her reaction when non-Muslims opened their doors for Muslims to offer Namaz, and when Hindus requested for the Eidgah to hold the Ganapati Utsav. 

Indian Islamists have repeatedly proved that they are not ready for respecting the majority religion and joining the mainstream. On the contrary, many of them want the majority to act as per their whims and fancies. While they don’t hesitate to accept invitations to hold Namaz or Iftar at Hindu establishments, their religious fundamentalism never allows them to reciprocate the love and kindness they have received from other communities. 

Islamists are in no mood to accommodate non-Muslims, definitely not “idol-worshipping kafirs”. The problem is the left-liberals in the Hindu community, aka HINOs (Hindus in Name Only), are not ready to acknolwedge the truth looking them in the eye. This liberal section of the Hindu society is rotting and will be responsible for bringing about the downfall of the entire community if not checked immediately. Just take a look at this tweet by Rana Ayyub’s brother to understand the kind of upbringing these ‘educated’ Islamists have had –

Back in 2019, the noise of Azaan broke out in a Durga puja pandal in Kolkata’s Beliaghata. The organizers said this act would “promote communal harmony,” and Kolkata’s ignorant secularists couldn’t agree more. Far from the organizers’ claims, playing aloud a phrase that declares that “there is no God but Allah” in front of the pratima of Devi Durga was an act of absolute degeneracy. It was insulting to the Hindu goddess and sacrilegious on so many levels. However, bereft of Hindu essence, the pandal hopping, mutton biryani feasting crowd was too naïve to fathom this wantonness.  

100 Muslim rozedaars were invited to offer Maghrib Namaz and break their fast during Ramzan inside the premises of a 1,200-year-old Hindu temple in Dalvana, Gujarat. Muslims being invited to temples for Iftar has become a yearly scene in many places.

This one-sided dire and desperate need to seek approval and ‘promote communal harmony’ will be hazardous for Hindus. The temple administration that allows or sends out invitations for these occasions should be penalized and socially boycotted.

Temples are homes of the Hindu deities where only the greatness of that deity will be sung and maintained. It is not a party hall where one can invite and host crowds to showcase someone’s individual sense of secularism, liberalism or any other ‘-ism’. Temples are Dharmic sacred places, and secularism has no business there – this should be made clear to every temple committee. 

It is about time Hindus stop hosting Iftaar parties or allowing space to offer Namaz to Muslims in their private facilities. Hindus are destined to doom unless every Hindu learns to treat Islamists the way they treat others.  

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  1. Just see, how Islamic extremism is gradually engulfing Hindu Dharma and Hinduism. By 2050, it may be that India will be an Islamic state given rapid change in demography due to the unchecked increase in Muslim population. Family planning is not in their dictionary. They want to overwhelm the Hindus by number and trigger forced conversion, eliminate Hindu Dharma. There are many other religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, but no religion is embarked on ethnic cleanising and forced conversion as Islam. Surprising, the basic tennet of Islam is fraternity and non-violence.

  2. Another nice piece by Katyayani. The tweet by Arif Ayyub tells us everything we need to know about their “cause”—it is the destruction of idolatry and turn towards the one God of their asmani kitab. There is a word for this: conversion! In other words, their cause is to destroy Hindu Dharm, and convert us all to Islam. Sorry, but we ain’t cooperating! We’ll fight to the finish to keep our ancient Vedic faith.


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