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Friday, June 2, 2023

Dravidian Stock Youtube channel makes obscene remarks about the cosmic dance of Nataraja

In yet another incident of so-called atheists civilizing Hindus, a Periyarist cum Dravidian Stockist Youtuber has denigrated Bhagwan Shiva using the most obscene language. Earlier another such Dravidianist Youtuber had abused Bhagwan Skanda and intentionally misinterpreted Kandasashti Kavacham to denigrate Hindu beliefs.

U2 Brutus, a vile anti-Hindu youtube channel, is run by a man who identifies himself as ‘Minor,’ an ardent follower of EV Ramasamy Nayakkar aka Periyar, who married his young adopted daughter at the ripe old age of 73. Minor has recently uploaded a video abusing Nataraja, a form of Bhagwan Shuva worshipped in the famous Chidambaram. In the video, he slandered Nataraja in the worst possible language claiming that it is the Sthal Puran of the temple.

Titled “This is the reason why Nataraja stands with his leg lifted,” the video uses disgusting words to make it appear that Hindu beliefs are vulgar. Minor says, “One day, a dance competition was announced. Two people participated in the competition – one of them was Paramasivan, and the other was Thillai Kaali, the female dancer”.

He tries to make it as though Nataraja and Kaali were just some random people by describing them as, “Thillai Kaali was reportedly a great dancer bagging many awards. She was such a great dancer that people like Prabhu Deva and Michael Jackson would have to get alms from her. Such was her prowess. So imagine how Thillai Kaali must have put ‘beast movements’, breakdance, wave dance, etc. Paramasivan was just a ‘local guy’ who liked to boast about himself”.

He further says, “This guy Paramasivan, you know what he did was.. we come to know about his the nefarious activities only by going further. He kept lifting his leg up and up and finally lifted it so high. If you think stretching the leg up is a good movement… I also thought so on reading about it, but that was the trick.. The thing is, our guy (referring to Bhagwan Shiva) did not wear undergarments that day. Don’t laugh.. Seriously, that is what is written.”

“He had gone without wearing underwear intentionally that day. What happens when a guy lifts his leg? ‘It’ (referring to the penis) will fall out, right? I’m not joking. That is how it is written. If you lift your leg, ‘it’ will be visible, right? On seeing that, people were shocked. Thillai Kaali, who was dancing, was also shocked after seeing ‘it’. How could she dance after that? After seeing ‘it’, she didn’t know what to do and forgot the dance moves.”

He compares Nataraja Peruman with Kollywood actors who defeat female leads by removing their upper garments. He doesn’t stop at that and defiles the concept of Chidamabra Rahasyam, saying “Not wearing under and standing with the leg up showing the penis is Chidambara Ragasiyam, is it?”. He also abuses and slanders Chidambaram Dikshitars, the traditional safe-keepers of the temple. This Minor guy recently met CM MK Stalin.

SC handing over the rights of managing Chidambaram temple to Dikshitars has been a thorn in the side of Dravidian and Periyarist organizations. As soon as DMK came to power, they made demands to take over the temple. HRCE minister said that the CM himself is supervising the legal process of taking over the temple. So it isn’t surprising that their minion denigrates the presiding deity of Chidambaram temple.

Earlier, Karuppar Koottam, another youtube channel, and an affiliate of Dravidian organisations posted a video abusing Bhagwan Murugan (known as Skanda in other parts of Bharat) and the song, Kandasashti Kavacham, written on Him. Karuppar Koottam intentionally distorted verses from this much-loved prayer song and attempted to give it a vulgar tone. It also degraded Hindu scriptures like Saraswati Purana, Ramayana, Skanda Puranam, and Vaishnavite saint-poet Andal’s hymns.

Periyarists behind the channel were booked and arrested by the Central Crime Branch Police and later released on bail. Surendran, who spoke in the video, said that he would abuse Hindu Dharma even more after coming out of prison. With DMK in power, these people have become emboldened to abuse Hindu deities and beliefs to divert the public’s attention from misgovernance.

Many parts of TN face unannounced and long power cuts for which the DMK government has blamed the center. Law and order situation is at its worse, with drug peddling and rowdyism at a high. With their anti-Hindu stance, the DMK government has caused multiple avoidable accidents in many temple festivals as well.

To hide all this, and divert the opposition’s and public’s attention from their inability to govern the state, DMK is resorting to such tactics through its fringe elements. Hindu organisations have condemned the video and lodged complaints with the police. But it remains to be seen if DMK, which has been ‘trying’ to prove that it is not anti-Hindu, will punish the culprits.


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  1. Those having half a brain can tell that Nattinam Adinar and Murugan are Tamil gods. Dravidian movements were founded by atheist Telugus in an effort to demoralize Tamils


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