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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

DMK MP denigrates Hindu beliefs again, kicks bricks kept for Bhumi Puja

DMK MP Senthil Kumar who earlier created ruckus at a Bhumi Pujan event and insulted Hindu beliefs has again shown hatred against the ritual. DMK cadres who were present at the event have accused him of kicking and desecrating the bricks smeared with turmeric and Kumkum for the ritual.

The MP was invited to a Bhumi Pujan organised on the occasion of laying the foundation stone for a library in his constituency Dharmapuri. He came to the spot along with the MLA of the concerned constituency and the district collector. Upon seeing the bricks smeared with turmeric and Kumkum as a part of the rituals to be performed at the Bhumi Pujan, he reportedly kicked them away. He also lashed out at the organisers for conducting the foundation laying ceremony in the Hindu way.

Speaking to the New Indian Express he said, “During the invite, I had particularly mentioned that I will not participate in an event if there is a ‘Bhoomi Pooja’. I  also specifically said that I will not participate if there is any saffron or turmeric painted on the brick. But the instructions were not followed. DMK practices the Dravidian model and  in this everyone must be included, favouring one ceremony belonging to a particular religion is unfair.”

While he acted like he is the lone pillar bearing the burden of having to save the Dravidian ideology, his own party cadre criticised his actions. Upset DMK cadres reportedly raised slogans against him and said that he shouldn’t be invited to such events. A Veeramani, local DMK leader who was present during the incident said, “The MP’s behaviour was disrespectful and DMK condemns the MP for his disrespectful behaviour”. The MP reportedly scolded the person who organised the event saying, “Do I have to tell you again and again? Do I have to create a ruckus everytime?”.

Local DMK cadre say that he also threatened the organiser saying that he’ll cancel the contract if tilaks are applied. They have condemned his act of denigrating Hindu beliefs. The MP claims that he didn’t kick the bricks and laid the foundation despite the fact that he didn’t like performing Hindu rituals. It is to be noted that not even a Brahmin was present there to perform rituals. Dravidianists claim that they are only against Brahmanism. But they not only spew hatred against Brahmins but denigrate Hindu beliefs in the guise of opposing them.

MP Senthil Kumar interrupted and stopped another Bhumi Puja a few months ago. The MP demanded that a padre, imam and atheists also be present in the event to maintain the ‘secular’ aspect of the state. The poor Brahmin pujari who was called to perform the puja was rudely asked to remove the puja items and go away.

It is surprising that a person representing people belonging to all religions doesn’t know the fact that only Hindus perform bhumi puja. Even if invited, a Christian priest or an Imam can do nothing as they don’t worship Bhuma devi or have groundbreaking rituals.

If one remembers a Christian priest who openly said that he campaigned for the DMK candidate in kanyakumari, abused Bhuma Devi saying, “we wear shoes so that we don’t catch scabies from her”. So the MP’s attempts to appear like he is only trying to be ‘secular’ is a sham. He is actually dog whistling rabid dravidian organizations to interrupt Bhumi Pujan performed at government events.

If he didn’t like it Senthil Kumar at best could have boycotted the event. But he denigrated Hindu beliefs by desecrating something sacred. This shows the hatred he has for Hindu dharma. In a classic show of fascism, the MP is now threatening to sue the media which reported his actions and DMK cadres response to it. But it is a good sign that DMK cadres are waking up to the inherent anti-Hindu hate imbibed in elite section of the party.

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