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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Vijayawada Christians celebrate Christmas by lighting candles inside Thiruvananthapuram Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple

There has been a massive security lapse at Thiruvananthapuram Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple. Andhra Pradesh natives celebrated Christmas by lighting candles inside the Temple. The incident happened on Sunday.

A Kuchupudi team from Vijayawada arrived and asked permission to arrange a dance program. It was led by one Ramachandramurthy, a native of Vijayawada, and they had booked that day’s pujas.

Hindus In Name Only (HINO) Temple managers granted the Vijayawada Abrahamics an area near the Tulabhara Mandapam. Tulabhara is an ancient Hindu practice in which a person is weighed against a commodity (such as grains, fruits, or other objects), and the equivalent weight of that commodity is offered to the Bhagwan/Bhagwati.

These Christians used the guise of performers and cheated Hindus. They lighted candles near the Mandapam before they started dancing. Their actions did not go down well with Hindu devotees who protested. Only then did Temple security personnel arrive and extinguish the candles. Devotees lamented that by then, our traditions had been damaged.

Forget lighting; candles are not even allowed inside Kerala temples. The temple security department is supposed to check whether non-Hindus bring such items. There was a severe lapse of security from their side.

Suspiciously, the Temple Tantri inspects even the pooja items that Hindu devotees bring. Devotees can enter the high-security Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple only after strict vetting. It is alleged that Temple authorities allowed violations knowingly.

When the incident became controversial, the security department tried to justify the accused and claimed they were not candles but something else. Such statements increased suspicion and showed complicity.

Devotees protested, alleging that there was a violation of ritual. They also pointed out that many CCTVs installed inside and outside the Temple are non-functional.

Devotees alleged that such issues were bound to happen sooner than later by employing atheists with Hindu names. While in Kerala, such HINOs are atheists, in Andhra Pradesh, they are Christian converts. They retain their Hindu names to usurp reservations meant for the poor unethically.

When the government cannot protect Hindu rituals and traditions inside Temples, why do they insist on managing them? Why doesn’t the government show the same diligence regarding churches and mosques? It is high time that Hindus took back our Temples. Until then, such nasty incidents will continue.

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  1. I am outraged by the lapses in the security arrangement at the temple. However, some doubts crop up, 1. it appears that no malayalam TV or newspapers seem to have reported this incident , not even the pro-Hindu ones . 2. there was no protest at the temple by devotees or Hindu groups . Why not ? Usual Hindu apathy or false report . Will HP fact check and let us know the truth ?

  2. such incidents treated as petty are license for recee for non hindus to test loopholes in hindu/sanatana/vedic establishments. There must be a wider conspiracy which we may not know with dozing local authorities. Interestingly, we hindus fail to reckon the wider designs of these elements which are in cohort to do nothing else but to uproot our rich culture and heritage to claim newer resources to play their dirty tricks around. Vigilance! Vigilance! Vigilance and only a vigilant hindu society can only save our society and relieve it from the day-to-day gripping clutches of these divisive and subversive forces which have infested the government and now are using the privileges to undo indigenous rich culture build over aeons. If not anhilation, keeping them at bay of these forces is of primary requirement and a must, unless we do not want to thank our rishis, munis and forefathers who built them with great sacrifice and not by dubious means where others have come alive only to lay their smothered hands on us.


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