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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Christian Evangelist goes on Jesus rant in front of Isha Foundation’s Adiyogi Shiva statue, Coimbatore

In a shocking example of religious intolerance, a Christian evangelist went on an anti-Hindu rant in front of the iconic Adiyogi Shiva statue in Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha Foundation complex in Coimbatore, TN.

“Neithe Yoga nor Yogi can liberate you from sins, only Jesus can,” the evangelist shouted as non-plussed visitors looked on.

Such incidents of anti-Hindu hate speech are common among the Christian evangelical community which has penetrated all parts of the country, and is especially strong in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

As Swarajyamag reports,

“In September 2018, Christian convert Mohan Lazarus called Hindu temples, “Satan’s strongholds”.  Recently, a Christian organisation called for planting churches among Hindus during “great spiritual darkness” of Navratri. Several influential and eminent Christian personalities have openly and frequently referred to Hinduism and other Indic faiths such as Buddhism as “demonic” and monstrous.

In India, Christian evangelists not only utilise several dubious methods to convert people to Christianity but openly abuse Hindu deities calling them “false gods”.

HinduPost has been continuously highlighting the shocking hate speech of these radical Christian extremists who go unchallenged in mainstream media. The Hindu spiritual practise of Yoga is another favorite object of attack for the Christian missionaries. The Church (both Catholic and Protestant) in India, which seems to have a tacit understanding with these hate-mongering missionaries, has openly interfered in politics and their campaign against PM Modi & BJP was obvious to all except the Lutyens’ elites.

Despite being embroiled in sex abuse scandals, pedophilia investigations and land scams, the global Church machinery is very strong, mostly due to its financial & political muscle in Western countries like USA. The US department of State often toes the missionary agenda by targeting a truly pluralistic country like Bharat for ‘curtailing religious freedom’, while maintaining a studied silence over the cultural genocide, physical terrorism and hate-mongering of US-based missionary cults.

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