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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bangladeshi cricketer Liton Das gets hate for posting Hindu festival greetings, again

Bangladesh is a country that was freed from the yoke of Punjabi Muslim oppression and genocide with the help of Hindu-majority Bharat. But the country has proven yet again that, whatever the ethnic/sectarian difference between different Muslim groups, their collective hate for the kafir, especially the ‘idol worshipping polytheist’ Hindu remains undimmed.

Bangladeshi Hindu cricketer Liton Das became the target of religious hate from Bangladeshi Islamists after he posted greetings for Mahalaya, which is both the final day of Pitru Paksha/Shradh and marks the arrival of Maa Durga on earth from Kailash Parvat. Thus, Mahalaya marks the begining of Navratri or Durga Puja, one of the most important Hindu festivals, especially for Bengalis.

Liton’s sweet and simple “Subho Mahalaya! Mother Durga is arriving” Facebook greeting alongside an image of Maa was so disturbing for the Islamists that they showered hate against ‘idol worship’ and asked Liton to convert to Islam.

Sample some of the crass bigotry on display, calling the Hindu deity as an ‘object made of clay’, and asking Liton to convert to the ‘One True Faith’ aka Islam –

“World’s best religion is Islam…Let Allah provide guidance to everyone, and give them the wisdom to find the right path (Islam)”

“No religion other than Islam has any value on the face of the Earth.”

“You guys must understand that these idols made of clay won’t do any good. Because these idols are meaningless. This is why you should believe in Allah, your Creator.”

“These stone idols cannot be sacred to anyone. Any rationale individual will not worship an idol carved in stone. I welcome you to the fold of Islam. Come to the right path.”

This is not the first time that Liton has faced such hate for merely celebrating his Dharma and festivals.

In 2015, Liton faced a torrent of abuse and threats on Facebook after he posted a picture of Maa Durga and wished everyone on the occasion of Durga Puja. One Mohammed Metun compared the existence of Maa Durga to the soreness in the paw of a dog in a Muslim’s home (keeping a dog as a pet is haram in Islam). One fanatic lashed out, “Liton, majority of the people in Bangladesh is Muslim and praying to idols is forbidden in Islam. You have hurt the Muslims by posting a photo of Durga on your Facebook account. So think of yourself as a Bangladeshi and not as a Hindu”.

A disheartened Das deleted the post and put up a new status expressing how disheartened he was with the hate remarks. “My first identity is that I am a Bangladeshi, and religion cannot divide us”, he posted.

Can one imagine a Muslim cricketer in Bharat being asked to not post on Eid? On the contrary, Hindus are collectively shamed as ‘bigots’ and slammed by our virtue-signaling ex-captain for ‘trolling’ Md. Shami, even when said trolling had been engineered by Pakistanis and bot accounts. While mainstream media went wild over the so-called ‘bigoted’ trolling of Shami and Arshdeep after they had off days on the field, this actual bigotry and hate speech towards a minority Hindu cricketer playing for an Islamic nation has gone virtually unnoticed.

In 2020, Shakib Al Hasan, possibly the greatest cricketer ever of Bangladesh, was a guest in a Kali Puja celebration in Kolkata. He reportedly inaugurated the program by cutting a ribbon and lighting the lamp. Shakib has been a regular feature in the IPL T20 league and represented the Kolkata-based KKR team in many seasons.

For this ‘blasphemous’ act, Shakib received death threats. He was forced to issue a denial that he inaugurated the puja mandap and had to apologize for hurting Muslim sentiments. “Being a practising Muslim I always try to follow the religious customs. Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong,” he said.

To understand the depth of Islamist indoctrination of Bangladeshi society, one just has to look at the heart-breaking video of an innocent 7-8 year old boy telling that he doesn’t want to meet Soumya Sarkar (another Bangladeshi cricketer) as he is Hindu. The supremacism is drilled deep, and from a young age.

Whichever part of the world it may be, whenever Muslims and Hindus live in close proximity, any expression of Hindu Dharma or festival celebration becomes a sticking point for the Muslims because there will always be a significant percentage of Islamists among them who refuse to tolerate, forget respect, ‘idol worship’ and ‘polytheism’. There is just no getting away from this fundamental doctrine of Abrahamic religions, and it is foolish for Hindus and other Dharmiks to pretend otherwise.

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  1. majority of bangladeshis are now the worst people in the world, those islamists have ruined the beauty of our normal people
    you worship a god, do it, why forcing other people to do so
    ? wtf is this kind of mentality
    i am ashamed of the people of our country

  2. These ungrateful Bangladeshi muslims have conveniently forgotten that 80-90% of those who perished in their bloody freedom struggle were Hindus! In fact the genocide of 1971 was directed primarily against the Hindu minority, and of the 2.6million (or so) that died, over 90% were Hindus, killed only because they were Hindu. Muslims too were killed, but only if they were involved in Mukti Bahini. Less than 10% were Muslim.


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