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Saturday, March 25, 2023

AP govt. officials stop sankirtan and Gita preaching at historic Mangalagiri mandir?

Secularism means ‘separation of Church and State’ as per the classical Western definition. But in Bharat, this foreign idea means only one thing – state-sponsored anti-Hinduism. And no where is this manifesting more viciously today than in Andhra Pradesh, ruled by a Christian CM whose close family members are involved in rabid evangelical activity.

A video has emerged on social media showing a Hindu sannyasi clad in saffron confronting what appear to be govt. officials involved in managing the iconic Sri Panakala Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy mandir in Mangalagiri of Guntur district, AP.

“Govt officials objecting to the #Bhagavadgita Prachar & #HareRamaHareKrishna sankirtan at “Panakala swami” temple, Mangalagiri, AP These same officers played blind/deaf when the xistians did their Bible propaganda at the temple premises & encouraged construction of 3 churches surrounding the temple”, says the tweet by @ssaratht (video archived here)

HinduPost has not been able to independently verify the original source and date of this video. We are still trying to get a full translation of what the monk, who seems to be from ISKCON, is saying in it. What we can figure out is that he names 3 govt. officers and alleges that they did not object to church preaching happening right in front of the temple but are stopping the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra.

But one thing is certain – such incidents are now a common occurrence in Andhra Pradesh, yet they are almost completely censored by mainstream media. Even the wave of desecrations of Hindu mandirs that took place after the evangelist Jagan Reddy swept to power in 2019, were reduced to mere political bickering in media coverage.

HinduPost had recently covered the plight of a Hindu pujari from an SC community in Bapatla district who was facing harassment to convert and close his temple in a Christian-dominated village. He alleged police was also siding with the accused and persuading him to do as they say.

When videos emerge of Christian missionary groups holding their prayer meetings replete with loud music systems right outside a Ram temple in an AP village, police rush to debunk it as ‘fake news’ (on the technical grounds that the prayer meeting was held just outside the temple) and English-language MSM like India Today does the rest.

Here is some additional reading if you are still living in a secular bubble and unconvinced about the existential crisis staring AP’s Hindus, and by extension all Hindus of Bharat, in the face:

Videos showing Christian fanatics brazenly hunting for souls, slyly spewing hate against Hindus and making wild claims with practiced ease – thanks to training imparted by their divinity/Bible colleges & seminaries, and self-styled pastors flush with foreign funds – are widely available due to dogged perseverance of activist handles like @Noconversion: see this, this. The missionary foot soldiers know full well that the ‘secular’ state machinery will come to their aid if any Hindu resists or complaints, as even fake cases foisted on Hindus will be taken with utmost seriousness.

They are also smart enough to avoid the other Abrahamic ‘minority’ which is involved in rampant proselytization – Islamists – as they know a single whisper against Islam will lead to STSJ and no state will come to help them then.

Our Supreme Court entertains dubious complaints of religious persecution by Muslims, but has no time for Hindus being denied the right to practise their religion in their homeland. It denies a fair hearing to cases of sacrilegious, deeply offensive hate speech against Hindus. Elite business tycoons pump crores into anti-Hindu institutions & NGOs and echo propaganda about ‘intolerance rising‘, but are blind to the everyday intolerance and attacks on Hindus and other indigenous Dharmics.

It is a travesty of our claims to be a ‘Republic’, that Hindus are denied the right to chant the holy name of Bhagwan Vishnu around a historic temple dedicated to one of his avatars, Sri Narasimha Swamy! This temple has a stone inscription by the great king Krishnadeva Raya and the footprints of the great 15th century saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – but do modern-day Hindu elites have any idea of the true worth of such priceless heritage?

Hindu consciousness has been lulled into a false sense of complacence – we imagine that as we elect our representatives, the government and system will look out for our interests. Nothing could be further from the truth – the very foundations of this Republic have been corrupted & hijacked over the years by anti-Hindu elements. Nothing short of a major reboot can pull us out of the abyss into which we have sunk.

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  1. A mandir (Hindu temple) is basically meant for Geeta Path and Sankirtan (e.g. Ramsankirtan, Sree Krishna Sankirtan etc.). The AP Govt. is certainly aware of these.


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