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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ali Khan poses as bhagwa-wearing sadhu, caught by locals: Rourkela, Odisha

A man named Ali Khan, s/o Mohammed Khan, from Benaras posing as a sadhu and wearing saffron clothes was caught by locals from Rourkela in Odisha. Apparently, a devotee had invited the imposter believing him to be a sadhu and he had traveled more than 600 kilometers for the meeting for monetary benefits. 

Ali also had a Trishul and a Damru on him and a Rudraksha mala around his neck and a few books on Hindu religion in his bag. 

The locals who caught him grew suspicious when Ali could not reply about how many Vedas are there, whether he had studied the Gita, what Dharma is, or even his jati, following which they apprehended him. Ali then apologized and added that the fakery was just to ‘feed himself’. The man in the video advises him to become a Muslim fakir to ply his trade of deception. He also asks why our Hindu Dharma is being mocked; until when will this abuse and distortion of our religion be endured?  

He warns that such dubious characters survive with help from secular Hindus. Such Hindus are either silent when before-mentioned insults happen and even when such fakes get caught, all that the seculars say is let them go. Such incidents are multiplying alarmingly all over Bharat, the Hindu man says. Khan was out cheating people and was able to mislead gullible Hindus into accepting him as a real Sadhu. 

These fakes that roam around wearing Sadhus clothes are often the ones that indulge in crimes, rapes and dacoity, but since they wear the garb of sadhus, such incidents are used to defame Hindu religion as a whole, he adds. 

He advises Hindus that original sadhus are found in their Ashrams and do not roam around in this manner. And even if you do find someone who does, question them on our religion to make sure that he is not a fake like Ali.

The faker had a chillum hung around his neck and the person who caught him was asking whether or not such items create a wrong impression about all sadhus and make one think that all of them smoke pot and roam around inebriated. 

Muslim fakirs/pirs and babas have been known to pretend to be Hindu tantriks and sadhus to get acceptance from Hindu society and ply their fake healing and occult trade. Last December, Delhi police arrested one Harun alias Miyaa Shah Ji Bangali who was duping people through a web portal where he pretended to be ‘Pandit Rahul Shastri’ and claimed to solve people’s domestic problems.

Many a times media also portrays such Muslim occult practitioners as Tantriks and uses images of Hindu sadhus to depict crimes committed by Muslim pirs/fakirs, a few examples listed here

“In a case from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki, Muslim occult practitioner named Mohammed Firoz and his assistant Mohammed Haneef have been arrested for making a man, Mohammed Alam, kill his daughter as a black magic remedy. Times Now used ‘Tantrik’ to describe the accused in the headline. Even Hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagrana and Amar Ujala have described the men as Tantriks.

In October, the Lucknow police in Hussainabad arrested a man named Mohammed Nasir aka Baba for rape. The Times of India called him a Tantrik in the headline.

In May, a Muslim maulvi and occult practitioner named Aslam Faizi was arrested for raping a woman In Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. The media not only described him as a Tantrik but also used the image of a Hindu sadhu to represent him.”

It is the much-hyped ‘tolerance’ of Hindus and the minority-appeasing nature of our ‘secular’ state which allows such frauds to malign Hindu Dharma and get away with it. Such criminals deserve the harshest punishment for daring to degrade and defame Dharma in its home.

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