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Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Raja’s anti-Hindu hate speech and how media watered it down

2G scam fame DMk leader A Raja’s recent anti-Hindu hate speech has once again exposed the hypocrisy of Dravidiansits in practicing ‘equality’ and media’s hypocrisy in calling them out. Raja had said that people who do not belong to the foreign religions and are forced to identify as Hindus by the Supreme Court. He said that anyone who identifies as Hindus is a child of a prostitute. The plaint media has termed it as “alleged hate speech” and lauded Raja for refusing to be cowed down by the opposition from Hindus.

While speaking at a Dravidiar Kazhagam event organised to commemorate DK leader K.Veeramani’s 60 years of association with Viduthalai, a DK mouth piece, A Raja had claimed that Dravidar Kazhagam is the true savior of Hindus as it got them “education, equality, employment and temple entry which were denied by Sanatana Dharma”. A video of part of his speech went viral on social media in which he can be heard saying, “Viduthalai, Murasoli (DMK’s mouthpiece), Theekathir (Communist Party of India’s mouthpiece), and others should start asking, ‘Who is a Hindu?’. We should have the right to assert, ‘we don’t wish to be a Hindu, why are you keeping me as a Hindu?’.”

Conveniently hiding the fact that Hindu religious organisations are at a disadvantage due to government control, and laws like the Right to Education Act are why some sects seek separate religion status, he said, “I haven’t seen any religion like this. Lingayats in Karnataka are petitioning the Supreme Court saying that their way of worship and religious principles are different. They are asking themselves not to be declared as Hindus. But what is the Supreme Court saying? The Supreme Court is saying that if you aren’t a Christian, Muslim, or Persian, you’ve to be a Hindu. Is there any other country having such cruelty?” 

He parrotted EV Ramasamy, aka Periyar’s lies about what is said in Manu Smriti, saying, “You are a Shudra till you remain a Hindu. You are the son of a prostitute till you remain as Shudra. You are a Panchaman (Dalit) till you remain a Hindu. You are an untouchable till you remain a Hindu. How many of you wish to stay as children of prostitutes? How many of you wish to remain untouchables? Only if we are vocal about these questions, it will become elemental in breaking Sanathana (dharma)”. This, if not directly, implies that a Hindu should convert to some other faith to eliminate such shame, which is in fact, nonexistent.

In another speech after the former went viral and BJP announced a protest, he pandered to the feudalistic aka OBC castes like Gounder, Naidu, Vanniyar, etc, saying it was the Dravidian Movement that got them reservation and Brahmins were against it. To this day, it is the elite cabal of these feudalistic castes that have been ‘discriminating and oppressing’ SC, STs mainly.

In the past few days two ministers from his own party exhibited feudalistic mindset. The DMK government had promised to waive off ticket fair for women in its election manifesto and Higher Education minister K Ponmudy had mocked women for traveling for free in government buses. In another incident the Revenue Minister, KKSSR Ramachandran, had belittled the representatives of Kuravar community, an ST caste, by making them wait for hours, and not even offering them seats. Raja hasn’t even made a peep about it.

Even if Dravidianists want to blame Brahmins for ‘influencing’ their minds to oppress fellow Hindus, Brahmins are only 3% of the population as they usually boast while OBC community forms the majority. EV Ramasamy conveniently ignored this because he was from a landed caste and a wealthy family. He worked in his self-interest and lied through his teeth to achieve it. But what could explain Raja going against Brahmins but not the feudal castes that actually perpetrate violence against his community? It is the hatred for Hindu Dharma and pleasure derived from exploiting its faultlines.

Devendra Kula Vellalar aka Pallar an SC community in TN, has been asking the centre to remove them from SC last and move to the OBC list as the SC tag is humiliating. But Dravidianists take pride in making feudal castes play the victim card and getting them the OBC tag. One might wonder how this came to be. These words of EV Ramasamy would help understand. He said, “Today in the society there are three major divisions Brahmins, Shudras and Panchamas. In this, the Brahmins because they are upper castes, are getting the concessions they need. The Panchamas because they are low castes are getting the concessions they need. It is the Shudras who are in the middle, who are suffering from lack of concessions.

DMK mouthpiece Murasoli, which Raja is asking now to discuss “Who is Hindu?”, had published a cartoon of EV Ramasamy when he said that cloth prices had hiked because SC women had started wearing blouses. Could Raja have forgotten this, or his hatred for Hindu Dharma exceeds his concession for the welfare of his community? The likes of News Minute which were howling at high pitch when Nupur Sharma had quoted from Islamic scriptures only as a retort to abuse of hindu deities, has not only failed ask such questions but painting Raja as a great leader who “refused to be cowed down”.

While Nupur had only quoted something, Raja is mocking the existence of Hindu Dharma. When his speech drew criticism and condemnation, he ‘bravely’ claimed that he has been waiting for someone to lodge a complaint against him as he only quoted what is said in Manu Smriti. Instead he has used his SC tag and influence to book a BJP leader who counter him under the PCR Act. This is whom the News Minute describes as “refused to be cowed down”.

Raja is being used by the leaders of Hindu hating elite feudal caste leaders, who cannot speak in the same manner lest their carefully crafted elite image is destroyed, much like EV Ramasamy rode on his fake social justice movement to bag reservation for his own and fellow feudal castes. While it is an undeniable fact that differences exist in Hindu society, it has been trying to learn from mistakes and moving toward solving such differences gradually.

Discrimination is not specific to Bharat and cannot be attributed to Hindu Dharma. All societies across the world have differences among its populace and discriminate them regardless of the religion they follow. But in Bharat Hindu Dharma is targeted for the caste system thank to missionary written atrocity literature. While reservation benefits downtrodden Hindus, elite OBC, SC and ST leaders are working in their self-interest are unaware or do not care about the foreign threats baying for Hindu blood.

Coming back to A Raja and DMK, unfortunately, neither OBC Hindus nor SC, ST Hindus understand the party’s anti-Hindu policy that not only assures votes from Christians and Muslims, but the support of international anti-Hindu forces as well. It would be apt to describe DMK as the left over of the colonial regime, continuing to widen and exploit the fault lines in Hindu society for their own and their masters’ benefit.

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  1. Don’t dig your own grave! Anti-Hindu speech doesn’t necessarily glorify A Raja’s status & image.


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