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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pak refuses to end Kashmir obsession, rules out war, focuses on proxy war

 After losing a 32-year long proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has started talking about peace. Bharat has always maintained that it is not an aggressor and stands for reconciliation. But its desire for peace should not be considered as its weakness.

After Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of Bharat in 2014, he made it clear that talks and terror cannot go together.

If Pakistan is really serious about restoring permanent peace then it should give up its obsession with Kashmir and stop sponsoring terror. Then only it can build a healthy relationship with Bharat. Just talking about peace is not enough.

Sharif’s peace talk

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif last week said that his country wants to maintain peace in the region but he was quick to add: “Sustainable peace in South Asia is linked to the resolution of Jammu and Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiris, and nothing short of it would work.”

By harping about resolution of the so-called Kashmir issue and by talking about the outdated UN resolutions Prime Minister Sharif has once again indicated that his desire for peace is nothing but a mere rhetoric aimed at keeping the conflict alive.

Leave Kashmiris alone

It seems that the Pakistan Prime Minister needs to be reminded that the people of Jammu and Kashmir by endorsing New Delhi’s August 5, 2019, decision to abrogate J&K’s so-called special status have made it amply clear that the future is secure with Bharat and they want Pakistan to leave them alone. A common man in J&K is aware of the fact that the neighboring country is caught in the midst of the crisis as its economy is in doldrums and China is waiting to take complete control.

Pathetic plight of the denizens of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and region witnessing zero development during the past seven decades are an ample proof of the fact that Pakistan rulers have always treated POK as it colony and a breeding ground for the terrorists.

POK demands freedom

Prime Minister Sharif rather than talking about the wishes and aspirations of J&K people needs to look towards PoK where people are on the streets and are demanding freedom from tyrannical rule.

The Pakistan Prime Minister on one hand proclaims that his country wants permanent peace with Bharat through dialogue as war is not an option for either of the countries but in the same breath says that peace cannot prevail till the “Kashmir issue” is resolved.

He should decide what he wants then talk about peace and other things.

Double standards

Sharif’s statement that “war is not an option” doesn’t mean that Pakistan has stopped fighting the proxy war in J&K. It’s a hint that Pakistan can only fight using proxies i.e. the terrorists sponsored by it and not through its conventional army as it cannot match the skills and strength of the Bharatiya Army and secondly resources of Pakistan are limited. If it goes for a war its resources cannot last even for one week. So how can Pakistan even think about war being an option?

Pressure mounts on leaders

Amid deepening economic crisis in Pakistan and the rapid geopolitical shifts saner people in the neighbouring country are mounting pressure on the helmsmen to normalize ties with India as it’s important for the survival of Pakistan.

Trade between Bharat and Pakistan has remained suspended since 2019. A World Bank study in 2018 had revealed that trade between Bharat and Pakistan could touch as high as $37 billion if the situation normalises.

But the big question which Pakistani rulers need to answer is whether they are really interested in trade, commerce and other activities? The answer is big no, had they been really sincere about “peace parleys” they would have stopped talking about Kashmir and focused on the issues that could have brought both the countries closer.

Pak always sabotaged peace moves

Bharat has always shown its inclination to move on the path of peace, prosperity and development but Pakistan has always sabotaged the peace initiatives by sponsoring terror activities.

The country that has been unable to resolve the issues confronting its own citizens keeps on dreaming about Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan.

The neighboring country stands exposed before the international community as the entire world knows that it exports terror not only to Bharat but to the other countries also.

After abrogation of Article 370 and J&K’s transition into a Union Territory Pakistan knocked at the door of every country to seek support for the so-called “Kashmir cause” but none of the countries, including the Islamic nations, came forward to support Pakistan. All the countries in clear terms told Pakistan that J&K is an internal matter of Bharat and they have no right to interfere.

The neighbouring country has faced defeats on all the fronts but it’s still not giving up its agenda to keep Kashmir burning. Militants sent and sponsored by Pakistan are on the run in the Himalayan region and have almost given up fighting the security forces. Instead they are targeting the members of the minority communities, civilians and are making desperate attempts to hurl grenades at the crowded places.

The eco-system of terrorism in J&K stands dismantled and the local support too has dwindled. People of J&K have turned their backs towards Pakistan and the ultras creating disturbance at its behest. A common man in the Himalayan region is least interested in propaganda launched by the other side.

China spreading wings

Prime Minister Sharif has once again tried to rake up Kashmir but he has also made it clear that his country is not in a position to engage in a military confrontation with Bharat. He is aware of the fact that Pakistan as a state has disappointed its own citizens and he is facing stiff resentment in his country. It appears that he wants to talk about Kashmir and the United Nations resolutions to divert the attention of the people from the real issues confronting his government.

Chinese interference is increasing with each passing day as it has woven a debt trap around Pakistan. The Chinese are slowly but surely making headway towards controlling Pakistan and its resources. Pakistan leaders have turned a blind eye towards what China is doing in their land.

Irony is that the country which is losing its territory slowly and is unable to provide even basic amenities to its citizens wants Kashmir and is issuing threats that peace cannot prevail till J&K is resolved. Pakistan’s survival is at stake but still its leaders are not ready to accept the reality. For them Kashmir is a pep-talk to keep their people busy. Pakistan is a strange country where leaders have no idea about their priorities. They are aware about the fact that they won’t be able to get even a single inch of J&K but still they don’t want to end hostilities.

(The story has been published via a syndicated feed with minor edits to conform to HinduPost style guide)

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