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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Wasim masturbates inside Shiv mandir after exposing himself to girl devotee: Indore, MP

Islamist brazenness is touching new heights with each passing day. In a disgusting incident which would make any self-aware community hang its head in shame, a man named Wasim was caught on CCTV camera while masturbating to a Hindu girl visiting the Vishweshwar Mahadev temple in Prakash Nagar area of Indore city, Madhya Pradesh.

The footage shows the accused sitting in the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) in front of the Shivling. While staring right ahead (apparently at the devotee praying to Mahadev), he slides his hand inside his trousers to touch his genitals. He then spits into his hand and starts touching himself again.

(Video clip archived here)

Angry locals protested against this heinous act, and were joined by BJP leader Manish Sharma (Mama). Following this, Wasim was arrested for the obscene act and booked under the stringent National Security Act (NSA).

Station House Officer (SHO) T Qazi of the Sanyogita Ganj police station told ANI, “We had received information yesterday that a man did obscene acts in Prakash Nagar’s temple. The investigation was undertaken. The investigation was done through the CCTV footage and other methods available at the police’s disposal. The police have arrested the accused and further action is being taken. Action is being taken under the NSA act. Further investigation of his phone and his activities will be done.”

However, Qazi then went on to claim that Wasim is ‘used to intoxication’.

Such dubious claims of drug/alcohol addiction or mental disorder are a common tactic used by our secular Republic’s police to whitewash or downplay Islamist crimes, especially those involving desecration of Hindu temples, and prevent any questioning of the religious indoctrination which drives such criminality.

Islamist clerics and community leaders drill the idea into Muslim youth that ‘good girls’ wear hijab and burqa, whereas ‘kafirs are faithless people sunk in immorality’ and hence ‘kafir females are legitimate targets for sexual abuse and/or forced conversion and marriage’. Hindu temples are demonized as ‘satanic and dark places for worshipping idols’ by all Abrahamic fundamentalists, and the Shivling is routinely denigrated as a ‘male phallus’ by all Hindu-haters including neo-Ambedkarites.

Unfortunately, some Islamist police officers like Dumka DSP Noor Mustafa and others in position of authority like medical examiner Dr. Asma Begum have also been known to fudge the investigation in order to weaken the case against accused from their community.

It remains to be seen what penalty, if any, our judiciary led by a ‘liberty-loving’ CJI will give to the accused in this case, and whether the Supreme Court will provide exceptional bail hearings as they have so often in the past to those accused of vile anti-Hindu acts.

This is also not the first time an Islamist man or woman has desecrated a Hindu temple, and it won’t be the last. But this news will be buried by our elite opinion makers, whereas a Muslim boy being slapped for loitering suspiciously inside the Dasna temple – which has been a prime target of Islamists – premises went global.

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  1. He is so much a drug addict that he knows he should go into a HINDU mandir, and not a Masjid, to do his vile acts. These days all Muslim aggressors are immediately deemed “mentally unstable” so that these acts have “nothing to do with islam.” Truth is that desecrating moorthies/idols of pagans is CENTRAL to Islam. As one head of ISIS put it accurately “Islam is MADE to destroy all idols”.
    2 overall points:
    1. This man was acting exactly as per sunnah.
    2. These acts will rise in number as Islamic population rises in Bharat.


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