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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Prateek Pawar attacked in Ahmednagar with swords, hockey sticks for WA status in support of Nupur

Yet another Hindu has been brutally assaulted by Muslim fanatics over the ‘blasphemy’ madness triggered by nefarious Alt News ‘fact checker’ Md. Zubair who twisted Nupur Sharma’s comments to make her a target for the Muslim ummah.

Parteek Pawar, aka Sunny, was attacked with sharp weapons on Thursday evening in Karjat town, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra for allegedly putting a WhatsApp status supporting Nupur. He has sustained serious injuries and is undergoing treatment at a hospital. As per

Manoj Patil, Superintendent of Police (Ahmednagar) said that based on a complaint filed by Prateek’s friend Amit Mane on Friday, four people have been arrested.

Prateek was attacked when he and Amit were going to attend an event on his two-wheeler and were waiting for a friend near a medical shop. As they were waiting, a dozen men approached them in a car and two-wheelers. According to Amit, they abused Prateek over his religion and one of them first attacked him with a sword. Others joined in using knives, hockey sticks and stones.

Critically wounded Prateek Pawar suffered injuries on his head and stomach (Image source: NDTV)

The mob kept saying, ““people like you are supporting Nupur Sharma and Kanhaiya Lal (Udaipur murder victim) on social media”. One of the attackers told Prateek that he’d meet the same fate as that of Umesh Kolhe (Amravati murder victim).

As Prateek bled from the head and fainted, the attackers thought he’s dead, and left, says the FIR lodged by Amit. Bystanders were afraid to intervene as the large lynch mob was well armed. Amit called other friends and took Mr Pawar to hospital after the attackers left.

Police have named Shahrukh Khan Pathan, Sohail Pathan, Nihal Khan Pathan, Ilail Sheikh, Tipu Pathan, Arbaaz Kasam Pathan, Arshad Pathan and Aqib Syed so far in the case.

This incident in Ahmednagar comes more than a month after Umesh Kolhe, a medical store owner, was hacked to death in Maharashtra’s Amravati city for supporting Nupur. Kolhe was killed on the night of June 21 by three men on a bike when he was going back home on a scooter. A long-time Muslim friend of his was involved in his murder.

Media diverts, police rakes up Prateek’s “criminal history”

In any religiously-motivated attack on a Hindu, the first attempt of the secular Indian state and liberal mainstream media is to suppress the incident. If that is not possible, then they try to pass it off as ‘non-communal’ by attributing motives such as personal enmity or robbery/routine crime. All this, we are told, is to avoid ‘communal polarization’ and to ‘maintain the peace’ – in reality, all this distortion/censorship achieves is to embolden religious fanatics to carry out more attacks.

Here too, Hindustan Times has quoted SP Manoj Patil as saying that Prateek has a ‘criminal history’. How that becomes relevant, when the FIR clearly mentions the religious slurs and other threats hurled by the attackers, is left for the reader to decide. In the Umesh Kolhe murder too, Amravati police had first passed off the attack as a ‘robbery’. It was only when the Umesh’s family and the local MP raised their voice that the police released the true facts.

By talking of Prateek’s “criminal history”, our police and media are essentially signaling that there is nothing to worry, as this is likely a fallout of . But when cattle smugglers like Pehlu Khan are killed, their long criminal records are never mentioned in initial reports; they are instead projected as ‘innocent dairy farmers/transporters’. A thief like Tabrez Ansari caught red-handed and thrashed by public (unfortunately, a common occurrence in our country where citizen’s faith in justice system is abysmally low), who later dies in lockup, is whitewashed as an ‘innocent man’ and emotional sound bytes from his young wife flood the news.

Right at the beginning, the HT article (as per the byline, it is reported by Yogesh Josh, written by Harshit Sabarwal, edited by Aniruddha Dhar) categorically states that Nupur Sharma made “derogatory statements against Prophet Mohmmad”.

Anyone who watched the TV debate involving Nupur could see that she was merely responding to derogatory comments and mocking by Islamists such as fellow-panellist Tasleem Rehmani (a PFI/SDPI member) about the Shivling found at Gyanvapi. She prefaced her remarks by commenting “How would you (Islamists) like it if someone mocked your religion…” before mentioning Mohammed’s marriage with Ayesha as recorded in Islamic scripture. Even a Pakistani maulana admitted that Nupur was rebutting objectionable comments about her own religion, and had no malicious intent.

But HINOs working in English MSM have no compunction in acting as judge and jury to condemn Nupur Sharma as a ‘blasphemer’. SC has also made its stand clear by berating Nupur for ‘setting the country on fire’ while whitewashing Zubair’s distortion of her comments and instigation to violence as ‘journalism’.

Ever since Zubair’s dog-whistling, Nupur has been inundated with death and rape threats – a man even crossed over from Pakistan to try and behead her.

Over the last few weeks, several Hindus who stood up for Nupur’s right to free speech, or in opposition to the tidal wave of hate directed at her have been violently targeted by Islamists. Two cases – Kanhaiyalal Teli’s beheading in Udaipur, and Umesh Kolhe’s murder in Amravati – have shocked the entire nation, but a string of other incidents of assaults or death threats have gone relatively unnoticed. Prateek Pawar is just another name that we can add to the list.

Incidentally, NCP, a party controlled by the Sharad Pawar family, which claims to be the representative of Prateek Pawar’s community and all OBCs, has yet to issue any statement about this brutal attack. A few weeks back, NCP had even joined Islamist protests on the Nupur Sharma issue.

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