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Thursday, June 8, 2023

People of Bharatiya origin in South Africa in danger of being ethnically cleansed

South Africa is going through ethnic cleansing of people of Bharatiya origin. Riots and looting began on Sunday in Phoenix, a South African town about 25 kilometers northwest of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province. 

It has been alleged and even captured on video that last Sunday, that leaders gave their members directives to target Bharatiya areas first and then the whites. They were to loot and destroy Phoenix. An industrial estate, warehouses, a mall, shops, and petrol pumps were robbed and then burnt. Cars without number plates and tinted windows started arriving, checking out the areas, and leaving. Tensions heightened between African, Bhartiya, and white people.

They rampaged the whole night. As violence, looting, and ransacking spread, the Bharatiya community residing in the country armed themselves with guns and artillery. They warded off rioters and secured the safety of their people and belongings. Roads were blocked and the media could not reach the scene. 

Social media had black Africans mentioning the most racist of things about Bharat. This is commonly seen amongst a society raised with the lowest respect for other human beings. By supporting the loot, they were also intentionally or ignorantly promoting more violence. 

Shootings, violence, and killings between Bharatiyas and Blacks in Phoenix continued till Wednesday. An international outcry forced the government to introduce 25000 military personnel onto the streets. 

Unlike what the African media would want us to believe, the issue is way bigger than a bunch of hungry people looting. Why would hungry people rob huge refrigerators or fancy cars? The destruction of property using grenades and thousands of rounds of ammunition being found show it’s all orchestrated. 

With no jobs, the impoverished in the communities too took it as an opportunity to loot. Then, another wave of destructive looting followed where white and Black-owned establishments were raided. Now it’s escalated all over the country to gunfire, grenades, facilities being torched down, shops, malls, utilities, infrastructure being destroyed; and deaths. 

The latest figures show 212 deaths and around 2400 arrests. Security was ramped up after everything was destroyed. In the aftermath of looting, panic buying gripped the community.

The country’s police minister Bheki Cele had earlier said that racial tensions between Black people and members of the Bharatiya community were fuelled by armed residents who formed vigilante groups to defend private property and shops from being looted. He did not specify what else they should have done when looters were at work on their property. Cele later modified his statement and said that criminality was the real root of violence in Phoenix, race issues second. He conveniently blamed it on ‘criminals.’

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa is firmly moving towards more firearms control. He plans to make stringent rules for gun owners which will in effect weaken the right to bear arms in self-defense. That might be dangerous for both the whites and Bharatiyas. Ramaphosa is widely regarded as a Chinese stooge who rants about colonialism and imperialism to garner support while hailing China’s investment in the continent

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a key opposition party in South Africa and an offshoot of the ANC, has similarly been accused of perpetuating racial inequities and creating fissures within the society. Polarising leader of the EFF, Julius Malema too had earlier called for the slaughter of Bharatis before the whites.

Just before midnight local time on July 7th, a deeply corrupt ex-SA President Jacob Zuma was escorted by a convoy of vehicles from his home in KZN to a prison in a small town nearby. Earlier the court had asked him to appear before an official inquiry investigating the corruption allegations he faced during his nine-year reign and his relationship with the notorious Gupta brothers who fled South Africa in 2018. 

Zuma also faces 12 charges of fraud, one of racketeering, two of corruption, and one of money laundering relating to an arms deal worth $5 billion. It is alleged that like its Bhartiya namesake, corruption is a hallmark of the African National Congress (ANC) and Zuma was forced to resign in 2018. 

Though Zuma had resigned, the ANC is still in power. An era of entitlement continues and his son, Edward Zuma, had warned that there would be “blood on the floor” if he was arrested. It now seems that Edward kept his word.

Out of around 6 crores of South Africans, less than 15 lakh people of Bharatiya origin call South Africa home. The majority of these live in and around the city of Durban, making it probably one of the largest “Bharatiya” cities outside Bharat. Phoenix has a  community but is surrounded by mostly African townships and this fuelled what escalated into looting last week. Police and law enforcement were allegedly withdrawn from such areas. 

The country has been scarred by the corona pandemic and has shown no signs of recovery, ever since it began. It is believed that unemployment hovers around 70% and 55% of the population lives in extreme poverty. Africa is the forgotten continent where vaccine rollout is absent. A continent with a population the same as Bharat has vaccinated just 2% of its denizens.

However, this does not give black Africans the license to be racist. The 50 lakh doses that the US President offered Africa at the G7 Summit are yet to materialize. Bharat is in fact the only nation in the whole world that had helped not just South Africa but the continent as a whole, with vaccines.

These Bharatiya origins South Africans are descendants of indentured migrant laborers who arrived from British Bharat during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Indian indenture system was a form of debt bondage, by which lakhs were transported to various colonies of European powers to provide labor for the (mainly sugar) plantations. They were paid next to nothing. It started after slavery was banned in 1833 and continued until it was finally banned in 1917 not from humanitarian concerns but due to declining profits.

Bharati South Africans contribute just 2.5% to the population. They are not there just to satisfy the African thirst for diversity but play a major role in that country’s economy. Unless Bharat takes care of them, the black Africans who constitute 86% will make sure they go the white population way. 

The whites are now being stripped of their land and killed at random by government-led militias. Interestingly, the whites still control a majority of the land and the racist black Africans use this as an excuse to justify their crimes against humanity. 

Though the country claims that it had gotten rid of apartheid, it is clear that they have failed spectacularly. People still live in separate clusters and blacks do not live near Bhartis and vice-versa. 

Phoenix residents are boxed into specific areas and their safety still remains unknown. The only information available is the few messages that those trapped there send while defending themselves. Exact estimates of losses remain unavailable. 

South Africans blacks should remember that blaming unemployment, apartheid, colonialism, and racism will not undo the mess that their country is in. They should also understand that corruption, theft, looting, lies, and deception by their chosen rulers are exactly why they don’t have any jobs. This is in turn the reason for their poverty, something the Bharatiya government has done well to keep under check during the pandemic. 

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