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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Muslim mob attacks Hindu colony in Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi over inter-faith marriage

A 50-strong Muslim mob attacked an entire colony in Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan area, allegedly because a Muslim woman married a Hindu man living in that colony. The man is said to be from the SC Valmiki community, i.e. a ‘Dalit’.

As per a Dainik Jagran report, the mob armed with swords, lathis and stones went on a rampage for over 30 minutes. CCTV footage shows the men destroying property, vehicles etc. After this late night attack, people in this Hindu Valmiki dominated locality are in terror.

Locals have complained that it took 30 minutes for the police to arrive after they were intimated. Till then, the attackers continued the rampage and issued threats to residents. A written complaint has now been lodged, and as per police sources 5 youth have been arrested and are being interrogated.

It is said that the couple, both adults, got married in secret around 6 months back. Recently, the woman’s family fixed her marriage somewhere else, after which she approached police and registered her statement about getting married with the Hindu youth of her own consent. The two then went away to stay elsewhere. Enraged by this act, the Muslim mob unleashed their fury on the entire Hindu colony.

Chilling testimony of locals alleges that the mob also molested Hindu girls who were pulled out of their homes, didn’t spare children and threatened residents that they would ‘play Holi with their blood’. Police failed to take effective action, and refused to arrest the main perpetrators who people of the colony recognised and named, residents allege. Apparently, a Muslim girl accompanying one Suleiman was one of the main instigators as per the Hindu residents.

The Muslim mob hurled caste abuses at the residents, calling them ‘bhangi’ adding that ‘they are latrine and gutter cleaners, and a Muslim girl cannot be allowed to marry into such a family’.

One woman said that the attackers tore the tops off even small girls.

Sarai Kale Khan is situated behind Humayun’s tomb and is close to Okhla area where the illegal Shaheen Bagh sit-in took place during the violent anti-CAA agitation. It is located on the Noida-Delhi Border in South east district in NCT Delhi, and is a mere 9 km from Bharat’s Parliament.

Such violent group punishment by Muslim mobs to teach ‘kafirs’ a lesson is par for the course in ‘secular’ Bharat and neighboring Islamic states like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bred on a diet of religious indoctrination from an early age by some of the most fundamentalist Muslim religious bodies that exist anywhere in the world like Deoband, Jamaat-e-Islami and Tablighi Jamaat, the Indian Muslim is taught to believe that Islam is supreme, and that non-Muslims, especially ‘idolators’ like Hindus, can only live as Dhimmis (second-class citizens) and an eternal hellfire awaits them.

Moreover, as per Islamic doctrine, a Muslim woman cannot be permitted to marry a non-Muslim man in any circumstance, even if the woman chooses to remain Muslim and do court marriage under SMA (Special Marriage Act). So Hindus face the brunt both ways – if a Hindu youth has a consensual relationship with a Muslim woman he is liable to be slaughtered like Ankit Saxena; just talking to a Muslim girl can result in brutal mutilation and murder like happened with Mahesh Kolli; and even if Hindus resist sexual assault on girls from their families, then too they invite Muslim wrath. Collective punishment is meted out to Hindus just for refusing to submit to the will of Allah’s chosen ones. From minor road accidents, to trumped up blasphemy charge, to calling out Muslim bigotry – anything can be used as a pretext for another round of ‘show kafirs their place.’

The usual left-liberal suspects will attempt to use this case from Sarai Kale Khan to make a false analogy with the anti-conversion law (aka ‘Love Jihad’ law) introduced in UP and MP, to conclude that ‘both Hindu and Muslim radicals are enemies of love, enemies of inter-faith marriages’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. UP’s anti-conversion law is aimed at stopping fraudulent conversions, including for the sake of marriage, and mandates that anyone desirous of converting for marriage has to inform authorities in advance and prove that the decision to convert is genuine and well thought out (for eg. does a Hindu girl converting to Islam know about the draconian Sharia personal law that governs Muslim marriages). The law is not targeted at any one community, and holds a Muslim girl converting to Hindu Dharma to the same level of scrutiny. But guess why liberals are screeching against the law – because a stunning majority of cases filed under it are of Hindu girls ‘marrying’ Muslim men.

There have been so many cases of minor or barely adult Hindu girls being groomed or blackmailed into sexual relationships and/or marriage after conversion by unscrupulous Muslim youth who often assume fake Hindu identities at the beginning, that no sane person would oppose a law that introduces some checks and balances to give beleaguered families a legal recourse to recover their daughters. If the couple is adult, and stands by their decision after the mandatory two-month period, the law will not hold them back. Also, couples are anyway free to marry under SMA.

So while the urban yuppie HINO might be feeling proud of shouting down the ‘Hindutva brigade’ by upholding their right to wear Ripped Jeans, and while neo-Buddhist serving IPS officers with Hindu-sounding names are taking group oaths denouncing Hindu deities (all in the name of ‘Dalit upliftment’),  the real and present danger to Dalits and other Hindus continues to come from Islamists, just as it does in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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