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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Meerut police arrests 2 Muslim youth for stealing girl’s underwear from Hindu localities

Meerut police arrested 2 youth for stealing women’s underwear that the accused claimed was for sexual pleasure. Mohammed Romin and Mohammed Assak, both degree students pursuing their Bachelors in Arts, were caught on CCTV cameras indulging in the bizarre act. 

Allegations of black magic are doing the rounds and so are the usual ‘mental illness’ ones. That the duo chose to steal only the lingerie of young Hindu girls gives credence to the former allegations and negates the latter. The relatives of the accused tried to downplay the issue by naming it a ‘playful challenge’. 

Some did try to flash the minority victim cards of the alleged, but in cases like these with ample visual evidence, those defenses fell flat.

Multiple videos have now emerged on social media of the accused indulging in the act and there are reports of at least 10 such incidents involving these two. Mohammed Romin has admitted that there are others involved and police have informed that a search will be conducted soon.

Merchants and traders in the area have protested alleging that there is a whole gang involved in this nefarious activity and that they target Hindu colonies. Sanjay, the father of the young girl whose underwear, were stolen accused that a gang was on the prowl looking for lingerie which is then used for black magic to trap the victims. Such evil occult practices even have a name and are known locally as Vashikaran

Sanjay’s video shows the couple arrive on their bike, hustle a couple of underwear from the clothesline in a rush (there were other clothes too which were left untouched), and stuff them under the seat. One of the accused then puts on a skull cap and enters a nearby mosque while the other races away.

As per Sanjay, the situation for the residents on this particular road that leads to a mosque is especially grim. Some criminals stay on long after the prayers are done and indulge in harassing Hindu women and robbery. He added that they are now forced to lock their doors and stay inside, especially on Fridays. 

Sanjay added that earlier complaints had fallen on deaf ears and that this one was filed since his minor girl had seen it happen and had felt demeaned. He feared that those arrested would be bailed out in no time since only minor charges have been filed and added that he is expecting trouble once they are free. He said that such gang members use multiple names to confuse and hide their Muslim identity and to make themselves more acceptable to Hindu girls.

The father’s fears are well founded, because while the crime might look relatively minor, it is usually the gateway to more serious sexual assaults or grooming attempts. Also, there have been multiple reports  of retaliation from men accused of sexual assault once they are released on bail: exhibit 1, exhibit 2.

What we desperately need is creating strong deterrents against such crimes. Judiciary is extremely lax in punishing perpetrators convicted of even serious sexual assaults. Often, the victims are let off after serving partial sentences and without any meaningful psychological or other counselling, leading to disastrous consequences for society as we covered in an earlier article.

But effective law enforcement is one part of the solution. At the societal level too, we have to tackle this menace by promoting Dharmic values in education (the much mocked ‘Sanskaars’) and therapeutic measures like yoga and meditation. Muslim society especially needs  urgent reform to wean youth away from the bigoted, supremacist and misogynist teachings which make them look upon ‘uncovered’ women as easy meat, and regard Hindus as inferior human beings who are going to burn in eternal hellfire and thus should be ‘rescued’ by converting them to Islam.

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