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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Kerala human sacrifices: Did out-on-bail rapist occultist Mohammed Shafi eat human flesh?

Mohammed Shafi (52), the mastermind in the Kerala human sacrifice case, allegedly cooked and ate his victims’ liver, heart, and genital parts. On Thursday, Kerala police decided to reopen 12 cases in which women from the Pathanamthitta district went missing from 2017 onwards. Some body parts and bones of two victims, Roslyn (50) and Padma (52), were recovered recently. The victims were brutally sliced and diced when they were still alive.

They are victims of gruesome sorcery/black magic committed by a psychopath. Others arrested include a local communist named Bhagwal Singh (68) and his wife, Laila. Three women have gone missing from Aranmula station limits alone, which includes Elanthoor, where the two human sacrifices took place.

Astonishingly, more than 67,000 people have gone missing in Kerala since the Marxists came to power in 2016. Most missing persons are women, and most cases remain untraced and unsolved. It shows the pathetic state of affairs in the much-touted Kerala governance model. CM Pinarayi Vijayan has kept the home department for himself since the communists/radical Islamists were elected to power six and a half years ago.

Singh has nothing to do with Sikhism and was named so by his father, a fan of revolutionary Bhagat Singh. According to the police, the accused ate the body parts of Roslyn, who was killed in June. Laila has reportedly confessed that they consumed the victims’ flesh. Shafi told them that this would help them “preserve their youth.” Islamists in Kerala and countries like England have indulged in raping minors to preserve youth, but cannibalism is new. Communists in Kerala, too, have now joined the bandwagon.

The other day, police commissioner CH Nagaraju stated that Shafi is also a sexual pervert with a criminal background that goes back many years. Kadavanthra police produced all three before the Judicial First Class Magistrate, Ernakulam, on Wednesday morning, and they were remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.

Kadavanthra police opened the investigation in response to a complaint made by Padma’s sister, Palani Amma. She complained that Padma (who sold lotteries for a living) went missing from Kochi on September 26. According to the police’s remand report, CCTV footage showed Shafi taking the victim in a car.

Although he has allegedly committed crimes since he was 16, Shafi was caught for the first time in 2006. He is originally from the terrorist hub of Perumbavoor near Ernakulam and studied up to class 6th. Shafi is a psychopath who finds sadistic pleasure in injuring the private parts of his victims. He has several cases, including rape, theft, and attempt to murder, registered against him over the past few years.

Shafi was charged with raping a 75-year-old woman in 2020 after repeatedly striking and injuring the old lady near Perumbavoor. Back then, locals caught him and handed him over to the police. Our courts released him on bail after spending just four months in jail. The only consolation is that locals properly thrashed him before handing Shafi over to the local police.

That the police failed to keep track of his movements shows the state of affairs under the communist regime in Kerala. Communists in Kerala and their police force have a history of protecting hardcore criminals. It is alleged that Kerala police were able to crack this case due to CM Vijayan’s absence. Vijayan has just returned from a Europe and Dubai tour.

Shafi is married to Nabeesa, is the father of two girls and the grandfather of a three-year-old girl. He was running a hotel in Kochi from where he would select his victims, primarily helpless women with limited contact with their families. Shafi’s road to wealth was sudden and happened after he turned to sorcery and black magic. 

Shafi admitted that he took other young girls to Singh’s house in Elanthoor and tortured them. He lured the victims from a hostel near a college in Kochi. Police alleged that there was another young man with the girls. The police have indicated that the girls were brutally raped. Shafi has also told the police that he brought the girls back to Kochi after torturing them.

Police have intensified the search to locate the girls who Shafi allegedly assaulted. The police are also investigating whether the girls were brought for human sacrifice. Police suspect that Shafi is connected with a sex racket and are checking the credentials of regular visitors to the hotel run by Shafi.

HINO Marxists

Earlier, CPM Pathanamthitta area secretary Pradeep Kumar admitted that Singh and Laila were both CPM workers. When former CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan died earlier this month, Laila and Singh were also in the CPM’s front row of the condolence march. Singh had addiction issues and was admitted to a de-addiction center by the locals. He later married Laila. 

Singh is a CPM organizer who has worked as a CPM branch secretary in the interim. Currently, he is a member of the local committee and president of the communist farmers union, Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union (KSKTU) panchayat committee. Singh was also an LDF agent in booth 142 in several previous elections.

Though there is plenty of evidence, CPM Pathanamthitta district secretary KP Udaya Bhanu shamelessly denied Singh’s CPM connection. He claimed that it was ‘false propaganda’ unleashed by Congress and BJP.

CPM state secretary MV Govindan tried to whitewash the crime when he said that even PM Narendra Modi does ‘pooja.’ That was a self-goal since Shafi had indulged in Islamic sorcery. Govindan’s comments did more damage than good for both superstitious Muslims and his party cadre. Such anti-Hindu words from top communist Hindu In Name Only (HINO) leaders have become common nowadays in Kerala. 

Locals alleged that even after marrying Singh, Laila was in a relationship with several people and that Singh was aware of his wife’s dishonest ways. Singh married her 15 years ago after divorcing his first wife, and now Laila is around 50 years old. Almost 20 years of age difference certainly did not help. Shafi made the couple believe wealth would come if Laila had sex with him. Singh had to watch them indulge in sex, and the communist agreed. This ‘friendship’ began a year and a half ago.

Shafi financially drained the couple by displaying affection for the Singh family, especially Laila. Singh and his wife owe a debt of Rs. 25 lakhs. They borrowed 18 lakh rupees from two cooperative banks in Elanthoor. They also borrowed more than five lakhs from many others. It is reported that Laila took the initiative to help Shafi. After sharing Shafi’s bed, Laila was in a race to earn money for his needs.

Laila even took a loan by pledging the land of her unmarried brother. Having extorted lakhs, Shafi suggested human sacrifice and black magic to Singh’s family as an easy way to overcome their financial obligations.

Laila’s brother said that Singh started believing in black magic after his marriage to Laila. When their mother died two years ago, Laila told her brother that five deaths would happen in the family. She added that they should do sorcery at home to prevent this. Her brother claimed that even though he said no, one day, Laila and Singh came home and performed black magic. It is not known whether Shafi accompanied them. After this, there was a dispute, and Laila’s brother never went to their house or talked to each other.

Singh allegedly became mentally depressed after they killed Roslin. After Padma’s murder, Shafi and Laila feared that Singh might reveal the truth to someone. Singh has a son and a daughter from his first marriage, both of whom live abroad. It is believed that this was when Laila and Shafi decided to kill Singh. The plan was for Laila and Shafi to live together after eliminating Singh. 

Incidentally, in this case, all the victims uncovered till now are either Hindu or Christian. The main perpetrator is a Muslim, which raises the genuine question whether religious indoctrination against non-Muslims played a part, but this angle is being deliberately suppressed in ‘secular’ Kerala.

Had the cannibal been a Hindu instead of Shafi and two Muslim women were killed, Rahul Gandhi would have halted his Bharat Jodo. He would have taken Zubair and the Tool Kit team members and shocked the whole world. Vijayan would have abandoned his tour and taken a private jet to Thiruvananthapuram. Qatar, Pakistan, and Turkey would have given an ultimatum to PM Modi to resign. But in this case, Singh is a communist, and Shafi is, ‘unfortunately,’ a Muslim. 

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  1. Though there are 3 accused in these crimes, the police chargesheets make clear that truly there is only ONE–MOHAMMED SHAFI. The couple (Mr. Singh and Laila) who joined him were (a) totally mentally reduced to a level of zombies by Shafi’s 4 year mental manipulation and (b) were “assistants” not the main perpetrators.

    This Mohammed Shafi is a truly truly evil man. Master manipulator (much like his namesake) and able to use others to further his own perversions and sick desires.


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