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Friday, March 1, 2024

Kerala Assembly speaker MB Rajesh compares Moplah Hindu genocide architect V. Haji to Bhagat Singh!

A complaint has been lodged with the Delhi Police against Kerala Assembly speaker MB Rajesh for insulting Bhagat Singh. Yuva Morcha leaders said that Rajesh insulted Bhagat Singh by comparing him to an old jihadi named Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed Haji. Many consider Kunjahammed a criminal who spearheaded the Hindu genocide of 1921 and was hanged for what local Marxists historians affectionately term as the ‘Malabar Moplah rebellion’.

Rajesh of all people should know since his district of Palakkad and Malappuram are neighbors and it was affected too. The fact that Rajesh is married to a Muslim might explain his urge to whitewash Islamist crimes.

Kerala Assembly speaker MB Rajesh had lauded Kunjahammed for his ‘bravado’ against the British Raj. He was inaugurating a function at Thirurangadi in Malappuram organized by the state library council on the 100th anniversary of the Malabar Hindu genocide. Rajesh even compared Kunjahammed who massacred Hindus to Bhagat Singh and added that Haji was a leader who upheld secularism!

Kunjahammed and his band of Muslim outlaws founded Al-Daula (Islamic State) and managed to capture some areas that were declared part of the Caliphate where Islamic rule was imposed and jizya (religious tax) collected from the Hindus of the territory. The genocide expanded and led to the massacre of thousands of Hindus, forcible conversions, rape of Hindu women, abduction of children and destruction of Hindu properties and places of worship. The only achievement of the Malabar pogrom is that it reduced the Hindu community to a minority in Malabar and the same status remains to date.

The communists are celebrating 100 years of Hindu genocide, as a ‘freedom struggle’ and comparing Islamic fundamentalists, terrorists and jihadis to patriots. The Marxist speaker Rajesh is fabricating fake history without respecting the feelings of Malabar’s ethnic cleansing victims. The reality is that “Moplah Riots” were nothing but communal in nature and were aimed at forming an Islamic Caliphate in the region and coincided with the emergence of the Khilafat Movement in Malabar.

Gandhi’s backing to the Khilafat movement for the preservation of the institution of Caliph is legendary. He sold it to his Hindu supporters and promised that it would result in cow welfare! “The Hindu participation in the Khilafat is the greatest and the best movement for cow protection,” he wrote in May 1921! He even lectured on unity and asked not to fear death even as thousands of Hindus were being hacked and their half-dead bodies were being thrown into wells!

The Congress Party too has always sided with the same school of thought, that it was an ‘agrarian revolt’ against the British. They forget that the Hindu peasant would have been as oppressed as the Muslim one and they cannot answer why was it that the movement was confined to an area with a Muslim majority. Also, how can the forced conversions be explained away as part of a purely agrarian movement?

This is exactly what the top RSS leader Ram Madhav had warned while speaking at an event held in Kozhikode last week for remembrance of the victims of the Muslim violence. Madhav reiterated that the genocide was one of the first manifestations of the Taliban mindset in Bharat. Since what happened was not suppressed then and now, the Left government in Kerala was trying to conceal it by celebrating it as a Communist revolution and encouraging movies that showcase the rebellion’s leaders as “heroes”. 

Ram Madhav said that the national leadership is aware of the correct history and will not give space to such Talibani or separatist forces to create violence or divide people in the country, be it Kashmir or Kerala. Last week, jihadis like Kunjahammed and Ali Musaliar, along with 387 other leaders of the pre-independence ethnic cleansing were removed from the ‘Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle’. 

The list is jointly published by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR). The communist infiltration of ICHR is well documented. It will also be remembered that it took the ICHR 7 years to make this change and that the ICHR reports directly to the Central Education Ministry. 

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