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Jallianwala Bagh of South – when Nizam’s police shot dead 200 Hindus for refusing to pay Jizya tax in 1948

Do you know about Jallianwala Bagh of South? In 1948, Nizam’s police made 200 Hindus stand in a line & sh0t them dead. Their crime? Refusal to pay Jizya tax. This happened in Bhairanpally. While Jallianwala Bagh is taught in schools, the Bhairanpally massacre is ignored.

Recently, a portrait of Nizam has been installed on pillars of the Hyderabad Metro rail. Telangana CM has praised Nizam multiple times in his speeches. He even credited Nizam for ‘Telangana Development‘ This thread intends to set this record straight.

Such glorification of Nizam hides that his rule was the darkest chapter in history of Deccan. Nizam’s dark history includes a genocide of his Hindu subjects. Historians estimate that Nizam’s police&Razakars massacred 100,000 Hindus before Sardar Patel annexed Hyderabad in 1948

Let us start with Nizam Osman Ali Khan himself. Nizam was a Jihadi whose avowed intention was destruction of Hindus. In his own poem, he writes “Mai Pasban-e-din hoon Kuffar ka jallad hoon” “I am the protector of Islam and a butcher/executioner of Kaffirs (Non-Muslims)”.

Nizam kept around 360 women as his concubines. Most of these women were Kafirs (Non-Muslims) abducted in raids. His slave network was so vast that he even purchased 10-12 year old Non-Muslim girls from Nuristan (Afghanistan) as sεx slaves.

In Nizam’s Hyderabad,Mµslims were 13% of population. But they enjoyed 77% of Gazetted government jobs. 88% of higher level government officers and 82% of lower level were Mµslims. Hindus were hardly represented. Yet, 97% of state revenue came from Hindus.Hindus were overtaxed.

Nizam was an admirer of Hitler. He believed Hindus deserved to be treated like Jews in Nazi Germany. There was a problem.Hindus were not a minority like Jews in Germany. Nizam sought to reduce Hindu population by persecution, importing foreign Muslims & encouraging conversions.

To reduce Hindu majority, Nizam imported 8 lakh foreign Muslims. These include Arabs & Afghans. They were given all benefits of state. Like other Muslims, these foreign imports were given rights to keep weapons. However, Hindus were demilitarized and not allowed to keep weapons.

These foreign Muslims like Arabs formed a big chunk of Nizam’s army. Even his commander in Chief, Sayyid El Edross was an Arab. Most of these Arabs stayed back. Lakhs of Yemeni Arabs found today in Barkas(Hyderabad) are descendants of Nizam’s armies

Nizam also embarked on mass conversion drives. In his service was a man named Siddique who founded the Dindar movement. The Dindars were a band of robbers whose profession was loot and conversions. Siddique called himself an avatar of Basaveshwara and was funded by Nizam.

Siddique claimed that Nizam is praised in Vedas and Quran. He even said that Nizam was none other than Dharmaraja. He even made a prediction that Nizam would one day capture Delhi & raise Islamic flag on red fort. Siddique converted thousands of Hindus with the help of Nizam.

Siddique predicted that all Hindus would convert to Islam & all Hindu idols would be destroyed. He predicted that Gandhi &Nehru would convert. He warned of an upcoming genocide & exhorted Hindus to convert to escape genocide. Conversions were carried out in Government offices

Nizam also introduced a conversion offer for criminals: convert and you will be released from jails! In this manner, thousands of criminals and prisoners converted to escape impending jail sentence. They were released from jail with a ready profession: they joined the Razakars

In this manner, there was a study decline of Hindu population in Nizam’s kingdom. In 1891, Hindus were 90.53 % of the population. When Osman Ali Khan came to power in 1911, they were 86.15% At the end of his reign, they were reduced to just under 80%

In Nizam’s kingdom, Hindus were prohibited from building temples in “Muslim areas”. Hindu temples were often desecrated but culprits NEVER punished. Hindus were prohibited from performing public Kathas/Poojas while Muslims freely performed public prayers & converted Hindus.

(This article has been compiled from a Twitter thread by Mr. B (@BharadwajAgain) on September 25, 2022)

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