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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jain girl “commits suicide” 3 years after eloping with Waseem

Kirti Jain from a well-known family in Guna, MP eloped with Waseem as soon as she turned 18. She gave birth to a child but took her own life within three years of marriage. Waseem groomed the girl (when she was a minor) with fancy bikes and trips to exotic locations. 

Kirti’s family never knew about this grooming and were surprised when she went missing one day. That same night, Kirti’s parents traced her and brought her back. They tried to explain to her the ills and dangers surrounding ‘love jihad’. Meetings with Jain leaders and sadhus were arranged but Kirti remained adamant and mentioned her free will. She claimed that Waseem promised to give up meat and that she would not have to change her name or lifestyle. 

The family approached the police but Kirti told the Court that she had gone with Waseem as per her own free will. To prove her point, Kirti uploaded a video on social media giving her consent for marriage. Her adulthood made sure that there was nothing the family could do. They had done their best.

After a couple of months, Kirti eloped again, became Zainab, and then married Waseem. Apparently, the money dried up as soon as they got married and that is when she came to know that Waseem’s family was extremely poor and that he earned nothing. This also means that whoever was ‘sponsoring’ this grooming jihad, having converted the young girl to Islam, lost interest in them and stopped investing too. 

Within a year she gave birth and since Waseem didn’t have an income, her family gave him Rs 2 lakhs. However, her parents told her not to visit them. Once the child was born Waseem started harassing Kirti for dowry and she reportedly kept calling her parents for money. They told her to be sensible, leave Waseem, and come back, which she didn’t.

During the pandemic, the family had no contact with the victim. Last week they received a call from the police to identify a body. Kirti had poisoned herself and died while undergoing treatment! She died from aluminum phosphide (aka Celphos or Salphos) poisoning, used for controlling rodents and insects found where cereal grains are stored.

First Information Report (FIRs) was registered against Waseem and his family under sections relating to dowry death and dowry harassment. All the accused were arrested by the Guna police.  This case however cannot be tried under the newly enacted grooming jihad laws of MP, as these only involve cases of marriages happened after the ordinance was passed. 

Waseem and family even wanted Kirti to be buried under Islamic customs (as a Muslim). Her family opposed and the police asked Waseem to prove that she was Muslim. Since he failed to show proof, her family claimed her body and cremated her as per Jain traditions on Sunday.

There are videos of the victim lying on her deathbed claiming that she consumed the poison by mistake, trying to deflect the crime off Waseem. The victim’s family says that she was force-fed the poison and coerced to give such a statement.  

The grooming techniques of jihadis everywhere remain similar. They target vulnerable girls of young age, mostly minors and then take them from their families once they cross into adulthood. The dreams of a fairytale life with fashionable clothes and expensive motorcycles are shown. All this is allegedly financed by shady organisations with express goal of converting non-Muslim girls. Hindu society must invest in religious education of children as well as in various organisations that can safeguard their interests. Eternal vigilance, as they say, is the price of liberty.

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