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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Islmist mob attacks Sheetla Mata Jagran in Kolkata, police apathy alleged

A mob of 200-250 Islamists attacked a Sheetla Mata Jagran organized at College Street in Central Kolkata. The matter came to light after West Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari shared a video of this incident on social media to seek immediate action from the police.

In a tweet, he said, “This is the law & order situation of Central Kolkata. A ‘Jagaran’ has been vandalised by ‘easily identifiable’ miscreants with obvious motives, in the heart of Kolkata. @CPKolkata kindly take immediate action. Any inaction could be misconstrued as an endorsement.”

It is quite visible in the video how a frenzied mob is vandalizing the properties, pooja pandal, hurling stones, and attacking the devotees.

A local youth, who is a member of BJP explained that a mob suddenly attacked the Jagran. They attacked the singer and several other devotees, and couple of them are fatally injured. The mob didn’t even spare the female devotees, who also got serious injuries.

As per reports, the Hindu community of Ward No. 38 and 40 organized the Sheetla Mata Puja, and the program was progressing peacefully. All of a sudden, dozens of Islamists attacked it, and most of the attackers are alleged to be Trinamool Congress supporters/workers.

Following this incident, a large contingent of police was belatedly deployed in the area. A police complaint has also been filed at the Amherst Street Police Station in Kolkata, demanding action against the accused. However, the tepid response of the local Police and administrations tells a different story altogether.

This is not the first such incident of attack on a Hindu festival. On October 9, 2022, the Hindus residing in the Mominpore locality of Kolkata, West Bengal, witnessed a replay of the 1946 Noakhali riots. They were attacked by Islamists surrounding them for not stopping the Durga Puja and other subsequent religious celebrations. It was the occasion of Kojagari Lokkhi Puja, a version of Lakshmi Puja celebrated by Hindus in Bengal and some other parts of the country on the day of Sharad Poornima.

On 10 April, 2022, a Ram Navami procession in West Bengal’s Howrah was attacked by a mob. A police investigation into the incident had been initiated and a large deployment of security forces had been stationed.

Violent attacks by radical islamist during Hindu festivals have become the new norm in West Bengal, and many other states, in recent years. Despite repeated efforts of the so-called secular-liberal cabal to make the narrative of “Islamophobia” and “Muslims under attack in India”, the hard truth is that Hindus and their festivals that have regularly been targeted by radical Islamists.

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  1. Trinamool must not forget that the Islamists they’re supporting today to wage violence against the Hindus will one day stab them in the back. They should look back at past Indian history where many an Indian ruler who once welcomed the support of invading Muslim rulers to dethrone his neighboring kings (thought to be their enemies) was assassinated and his kingdom was lost to the invaders.
    The jihadists who got the political support from Trinamool Congress will get emboldened to wage further attacks on the Hindus. The above incident is a shocking revelation how the Islamic violence sweeping across Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan will one day engulf the whole of India.


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