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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Harini ends her life after ‘boyfriend’ of 7 years Akhtar refuses to marry citing religion: Telangana

23-year-old Harini is the latest victim of love jihad after her ‘boyfriend’ of seven years refused to marry her citing their different religions. The young girl ended her life on Sunday (May 22) at her residence in Nizamabad District’s Navipet.


Harini and Akhtar resided in the same village and entered into a relationship seven years ago. The victim hoped Akhtar would marry her after dating for such a long time and constantly questioned Akhtar about marriage. However, Akhtar, who had other plans, told her that his family members would not accept their marriage since they belonged to different religions. Furthermore, he told in no uncertain terms that he would not go against the wishes of the elders of his family.

According to reports, Akhtar never brought up religion when they were in a relationship but as soon as the question of marriage was brought up, he used it as an excuse to back out. In the meanwhile, Harini who could not take the rejection slipped into depression. On Sunday, when she was alone at home, she hung from the ceiling fan using a bedsheet and ended her life. Her parents returned home only to find their daughter dead and have been inconsolable since then.

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  1. Yet another Hindu girl lost to Love Jihad! How many more? These Muslim boys use all kinds of deceit to trap Hindu girls into relationships, mostly in order to get physical. From there, 2 options are there:
    1. Using pictures of the physical relationship, the Muslim boy blackmails Hindu girl into doing all kinds of things, including joining ISIS like orgs. Many of these girls are forced into flesh trade. Sudarshan news did a sting op on a hotel in Sambhajinagar (owned by Muslim) where all rooms had some Hindu victim of Love Jihad, and customers went in and out.
    2. When he is bored, he simply dumps the girl and marries a Muslim girl, not caring if the Kafir girl lives or dies. In either case, he is not at fault as per Quran. So he is able to do this without any compunction.

    Case 2 is what happened here.

    We need to absolutely stop this epidemic. How? By educating Hindu girls about the reality of Muslim boys and their so-called “relationship”. They are never sincere, although with deceitful words they convince our innocent girls that they are.
    Why don’t they bring up the difference in religion before starting their relationship? At that time, I am sure this boy told Harini “don’t worry, my family is very broad minded. If this relationship works, we can marry and you can remain Hindu.” They lie like this.

    How many Hindu girls have to die before we do something??


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