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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Another Muslim cleric arrested for sexually abusing madrassa students – is Kerala now the number one state in POCSO cases?

Yet another case of sexual abuse by a Muslim cleric of his minor girl students at a madrassa was reported from Kerala. Mohammad Swalih was arrested and charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences POCSO Act.

The incident happened at the Vaipur Oottukulam masjid in the Pathanamthitta district and Popular Front of India (PFI) goons led by their local leader Lubeer manhandled the locals who tried to film the arrest. Swalih is also the Imam of Vaipur Oottukulam Masjid and teaches at the local madrassa.

Some of his students complained to their parents that their madrassa teacher’s language was laced with sexual overtones and that Swalih touched them unnecessarily.

The parents of a girl who was sexually abused complained to the police, as did the parents of at least 5 other victims. Perumpatty police clarified that they have recorded the statement of 3 minors and Swalih’s arrest was based on their disclosures. He has been charged under sections related to the POCSO Act and remanded to custody. 

Meanwhile, Popular Front of India (PFI) activists attacked a man who filmed the arrest from the madrassa where Swalih ‘teaches.’ If this is not Talibanism, then what is? Local media downplayed the issue and the ‘secular’ mainstream Malayalam outlets never mentioned the incident. Perumpetty police promised action against the attackers. 


Incidentally, Perumpatty comes under the Kottangal panchayat. It was here that PFI’s Islamist goons had forcefully affixed stickers that read ”I am Babri” on December 6, last year, on young Hindu school children. Political pressure made sure that no action was initiated against the hate mongers. 

Perumpatty village is one of many such ‘Taliban’ panchayats ruled jointly by the communists and the PFI. Interestingly, Pathanamthitta is where the Sabarimala temple is located and the district is governed together by the PFI’s political wing called the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and the communists. Population jihad is fueling the radicalization of Muslims at a frantic pace.

How Kerala is managing its child abuse menace

Last week, reports trickled in about POCSO cases registered in Kerala between the 1st of January 2021 to the 31st of December. An astonishing 3,549 sexual offenses were committed during this one-year period, against minors. Malappuram district headed the list with 457 cases. 

Such atrocities against children are on the rise. The year 2016 saw 2,122 cases, 2,697 in 2017, 3,180 in 2018, 3,609 in 2019, 3,019 when the country was under lockdown and ‘Madrassa cooperation’ with the authorities was at an all-time high in 2020, and more than 3,500 in 2021. These figures meant that at least 10 children were raped/abused each day, every day in 2021, in the state which claims to be number 1 on HDI (human development index). 

With 10,187 POCSO cases pending in the state for trial, the Kerala government is now opening even more POCSO special courts. This small ‘highly literate’ state has 26 POCSO courts and with the additional 28 new ‘fast track’ ones, there will soon be 54. This shows that on a per capita basis, Kerala is probably seeing more POCSO cases than any other state in the country. The number of unreported cases could be even higher, seeing the vice-like grip Islamists and Church hierarchy exercise over their communities.

It is the whole system that needs change. In the modern era of forensic science, delays of more than a year in receiving forensic analysis reports are nothing but criminal negligence. Kerala police themselves admitted the same and yet the government is still mulling over whether new forensic labs have to come up. Ideally, shouldn’t the labs come up before the special courts?

Leaders who set ‘high standards’

Kerala is also the state where the ruling regime’s party secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son is accused of rape in a 2019 case. Binoy Kodiyeri got anticipatory bail, and even though court ordered a DNA test right away, it took one year for the test to be conducted. Then, Mumbai Police has been sitting on test results for over an year while Mumbai HC is allowing the defense’s delaying tactics, and also considering Binoy’s plea to close the case against him.

Kodiyeri’s second son Bineesh is also out on bail and is facing money laundering and drug-running charges. 

Previous ‘investigations’

Last month, a 16-year-old girl who had been raped by six men including her relatives two years back, ‘committed suicide’ in Malappuram. Suspicions arose when the police and the local CWC claimed that they were counseling the victim even as the young girl’s distraught mother told the media that no help was provided. The family had gone out leaving the victim alone and found her hanging from the ceiling when they returned. 

A detailed investigation into a similar case involving even younger Hindu SC (Dalit) girls had turned up some startling revelations that included a conspiracy between the local police and the actual killers and yet the killers were released by the courts. In what is now known as the infamous Walayar rape and murder case, political involvement meant that the laws of the land were turned into buffoonery. 

The traumatized mother of the two Walayar victims had contested the 2021 assembly elections against CM Pinarayi Vijayan. Of course, our ‘national’ mainstream media downplayed this powerful story about a poor mother’s fight for justice – after all, communists are part of the ‘secular’ cabal which can do no wrong for the Hindu-hating media elite!


Kerala is the state where local leaders are yet to come out of their delusional mindsets and claim that Keralites maintain European standards of living! When one looks at the total number of rapes committed against women and children in the state which has just 3.4 crore population, one will wonder why these Communist and Congress leaders take special pride in running down Uttar Pradesh, a state with over 20 crore population.

Yogi Adityanath’s statement that Bengal and Kerala are going the radical Islamist Kashmir way, and that UP voters should be wary of a similar fate, has now been twisted out of context and the propaganda is that Yogi ‘insulted all Keralites’.

Congress spokesperson Dr. Shama Mohamed, a Keralite from Kannur married to an Italian, went on an unhinged rant calling Yogi Adityanath, ‘a criminal’ and ‘head of a militant organisation.’ Incidentally, this lady had welcomed the hijab & niqab (face veil) ban in 2019 by Kerala’s Muslim Educational Society (MES) that runs 150 schools and colleges – however, she has been conspicuously silent over the ongoing ‘hijab in classrooms’ row triggered in Karnataka by some CFI (PFI’s student wing) influenced girl students.

Only the ones with a hidden agenda agree, while most Keralites disagree that the UP CM said anything wrong. The data and spiraling Islamic fundamentalism in Kerala and West Bengal also show that Yogi is right.

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