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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Deluded Liberals Celebrate the Second Coming of Amartya Sen in Abhijit Banerjee

So, liberals, basically anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu, and most importantly the anti-Modi brigade, has found a new goofball to cheer for, kneel in front of, hail and take as their guiding light – Abhijit Banerjee. 

The Bharat-born American economist secured the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences this year, and the elite members of the self-determined intellectual super-race did not disappoint with their reactions; sample this –  

A certain section of society, the one that had placed Amartya Sen on their shoulders and danced to his Nobelicious fame, is now  basking in Banerjee’s glory. It is worth the thought that both Sen and Banerjee have written about economics and alleviation of poverty, and bagged their respective awards without their theories delivering any tangible results. Both the scholars are men of typed words. Action? Not so much. 

The capitalism-abhorring Banerjee chose the capitalist hub, the USA, as his place of work; guess, none of the poor-loving countries like Venezuela or Cuba caught his fancy. The words he utters sitting in the comfort of his AC room have little to no relevance in a real-world scenario. Banejee may have won some award granted by a Western country thriving on capitalism, but his anti-rich theories that prompted Congress’ NYAY scheme was an utter failure rejected by 130 crores of Bharatiyas, and the Lok Sabha election result of 2019 stands as a testimony to it. 

The sole reason why the liberal left has been celebrating Abhijeet Banerjee as the second coming of Amartya Sen is his constant attempts at depicting a depressing picture of the Bharatiya economy under the Modi government. Something that Amartya Sen is also fond of doing

But what did grandpa economist Sen do in the name of economic growth? Have we seen any contribution from the Nobel laureate towards the country’s growth or has a single poor been benefitted from his ideas? The two Bengali scholars have been rattled by the rise of the Right and their harangues are just a manifestation of their frustration oozing out of the fact that their favorite co-ideologists are not seated at any of the pedestals of Bharatiya democracy. 

Though they target the Modi government basing all their arguments on the same uncorroborated claims of ‘intolerance’, they themselves appear to be the intolerant types that they pretend to oppose. 

In a 2012 write up, addressing the increasing sex-crimes in the country, Banerjee had tried to establish the notion that the ‘inequality of access to sex’, or sex-starvation leads to rapes. How delirious is that? These are the fans of the fairy tales of Robin Hood. They romanticize looting those who have access to wealth earned through intelligence and hard work. 

In the real world, the one that these decorated economists have no clue of, the ideologies they preach have failed to deliver results on the ground. Even communist China pays no attention to these purveyors of unadulterated communism. And that is why, one of the booming economies of the world has produced many products but such Nobel wielding Sens and Banerjees are not among them. 

Not that the whole country is floored by Abhijit Banerjee’s Nobel Memorial award. Thankfully, we are a young country inhabited by mature adults and most of the informed citizens reject such namesake awards received by namesake “Indians”.  

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