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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Zoho Founder Sridhar Vembu targetted by anti-Brahmin DMK sympathiser

While DMK claims to be a friend of Hindus during campaigns, its minions continue their anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin tirade as vigorously as ever. Leading Bharatiya IT firm Zoho’s founder Shri Sridhar Vembu has been their latest target. Vembu has been active on social media for a longtime sharing his experiments and works in the small temple town Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu. It is notable that Vembu left his job in Silicon Valley to come live in his native village and establish an indigenous IT firm with global standards.

In some cases Zoho’s products rival even Microsoft, the IT legend, it is observed. What with the latest privacy concerns about using WhatsApp, Vembu’s social media cum instant messaging app Arattai (meaning chit-chat in Tamil) found limelight as an alternative to WhatsApp. Despite it being in its testing stage, Arattai garnered a lot of support as it provides the salient features of WhatsApp, Telegram and other such social media platforms. It also found support as it’s Atma Nirbhar and has an indigenous touch in its name itself unlike the other platforms that are mostly a cheap copy of the famous ones.

Enthusiastic people started suggesting Arattai and other assorted services and products of Zoho to their friends and family and like always the success of a Brahmin irked the Periyarist-DK coterie. Even though Sridhar Vembu has never once shown or mentioned his caste explicitly, Savukku Shankar, a fellow who fancies himself to be an investigative journalist called Vembu names simply for being a Brahmin.

Shankar has a history of abusing Brahmins in the foulest language possible in the garb of criticising ‘Brahminism’. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman, Thuglaq editor Gurumurthy, actress and BJP leader Gayathri Raghuram, actress Kasthuri, Dr. Sumanth Raman and his wife, a Madras HC judge, late TN CM Jayalalithaa and countless others have been the victims of Shankar’s unparliamentary language.

Shankar was a lower division clerk in the Department of Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption. He got the job after his dad who also worked in the same office died. During DMK rule in 2008 he was allegedly framed in a case of leaking a private conversation between the higher officials in the police department and a minister. He was acquitted in 2017 but since the time he was framed he has fashioned himself to be an activist and investigative journalist. He gained fame when 3 days before activist Prashant Bhushan, he released the 2G Nira Radia tapes that featured DMK MP Kanimozhi.

Sridhar Vembu
Sridhar Vembu is trying to introduce a new method of learning in his native village

Shankar was accused of leaking private information about a news anchor’s sister-in-law to aid a false dowry case lodged by the anchor. The court issued an arrest warrant against him and blocked his blog for the crime. Allegedly he demanded ₹50 lacs from the victim to stop the smear campaign against her and her family. Again he was accused of stalking and threatening investigative journalist Sandhya Ravishankar. He leaked a video of her meeting a police official in a restaurant when she exposed the mineral mafia in the southern districts of TN. He somehow got hold of the CCTV footage from the restaurant which can be legally obtained only by the police. Even the journalist fraternity describes him as a blackmailer.

While his service as a whistle-blower was appreciated by the public he was arrested by DMK government and reportedly given 3rd degree treatment in the prison for his expose. He found relief only after Jayalalithaa came to power in 2011. Despite these facts one can find him kowtowing to support DMK in social media. Savukku Shankar is a classic example of a Periyarist and DMK sympathiser following in the footsteps of E.V.Ramasamy Naicker aka Periyar in abusing Brahmins in particular and anyone with a different point of view in general.

In one of his tweets he defines how and what a Brahmin should be. “An Iyer should be patient, not a hooligan; Should recite mantras, not be an agent of prostitution; Should be calm, not be pervasive; should have self-control, not shabby; should be devoted, not be a broker” he tweeted posting Gurumurthy and Subramanian Swamy’s pictures. In general he wants Brahmins to restrict themselves to doing service in temples and not venture out to achieve in other fields. This appears to be his grouse towards Zoho Sridhar.

It doesn’t help that Vembu attended an RSS event and is introducing innovative methods of learning in and around his native village. Shankar is on a smear campaign that Vembu teaches RSS ideology to children in his school and demands that he teach EVR’s thoughts rather. If EVR’s ideology can be pushed through schools and colleges what’s wrong in imbibing any other ideology in the same way fails to register in his brain. In his tweet to Vembu, Shankar demanded that if he was living so simple a life he should donate his properties in the USA to the TN government. It is to be noted here that EVR’s father was a very wealthy man and he inherited that huge wealth. 

Despite crowing that he worries for Tamils and their self respect he didn’t sacrifice his wealth for TN like Shankar demands of Vembu. EVR’s wealth is still with the trust managed by Dravidar Kazhagam which runs all kinds of educational institutions and imposes his poisonous ideology on unsuspecting children. For the record EVR repeatedly called for culling Brahmins. His famous saying goes, “If you spot a Brahmin and a snake at the same time, kill the Brahmin first”.

One can clearly see from Shankar’s tweets that he wants to bully Vembu into accepting EVR’s ideology and bend down to prostrate before DMK and DK which have an iron grip on narrative building in TN. This is seen by many as an attempt to make Vembu submit to DMK’s threats or lose business. But it goes far beyond that and towards nipping in the bud any attempt to bring a change in the education sector. 

DMK’s nature of land grabbing and intimidating promising industries for not complying to their demands is well known. However this smear campaign against Vembu has reached far and wide with even outsiders commenting on and providing support to him. He has put out a series of tweets saying such negativity doesn’t affect him and that it has only strengthened his resolve. He also cheekily invited his abusers to try to build companies and compete with Zoho.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter)

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  1. He is brahmin or which caste I don’t care. But he is extremists supporter and against the western world where he is making money .. we are watching him..

  2. While reacting to the act of Shankar and others who attack Brahmins havee only few words DMK means
    Demons Mouth Kalyugi party

    Some people are heavy weight on earth and needed to be reduced to ashes.Sridhar is an elephant behind some Demons dogs are barking for piece of loaf.Raskals found in India only?


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