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Monday, October 3, 2022

An entrepreneur explains why Bharatiya manufacturing still lags

1) Our attitude is wrong. The person here is facing QC issues. And there is only one reason behind this. Negligence. We Bharatiyas have ‘a chalta hai‘ attitude. That attitude is not present in the west.

2) You can correct software, but once u have manufactured an incorrect item, you cannot correct it. So the manufacturer has no choice other than to ship it to avoid losses. They can avoid it if they can sell the product somewhere else, but the Bharatiya market is disorganised.

3) The labour force is uneducated. Like really really uneducated. Basic things like cleanliness cannot be enforced. It’s completely okay to spit on the factory floor if u won’t be caught. And if caught, you cannot take any action. I mean, what will you do?

4) Uneducated labour force, does not know if they are packing an L or an M. You cannot do QC at each and every stage. Why are there so many returns on Bharatiya fashion portals? People who are packing don’t know what an L or an M is. They are just shapes.

5) Bad electricity. The electricity trips two to three times every day and the automatic generator starts. During this time, the machines will malfunction. This is a defective piece found in my QC. This is a pocket in track pants. Now rejected.

We need to change our mindset. So that will take more education. More educated people need to join manufacturing. We need more experts to guide us on how to implement standard operating procedures. And we need to follow that SOP. There’s actually nothing else to it.

This is the daily audit report of our finishing QC. Manufacturing is tough. Very very tough in Bharat. But it can be only done if more educated people join. But the educated ones have better options.

This is the back of the neck of the t-shirt, Polyester lycra. Workers know that they have to use a different small attachment that they are provided. But hey, let me try, probably it won’t happen. No need to follow SOP of quality.

These SOPs are discussed. But very difficult to implement, as workers are not educated. Why should I change this? One in 100 pieces will get damaged, this much is okay. As such it’s in the back, who will see? This increases the cost of QC and manufacturing in general as well.

Also, Indian workers are not doing this full-time. They go home at the time of sowing the seeds and then come back. All MSME sectors have a labour shortage in those months. Right now I myself have around 50 people requirement of labour who can do stitching but it’s not available.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Akshay (@Ajain112) on August 21, 2022.)

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