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Hindu Post is the voice of Hindus. Support us. Protect Dharma
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Saturday, April 20, 2024


Rati Hegde

Rati Hegde is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.

Hindus need to stop being sitting ducks – Get involved in community policing and network through temples!

The recent communal terror attack on Hindu pilgrims visiting a Shiva Temple in Nuh, Haryana, during the ongoing Shravan month conjures up visions of...

Ujjain Darshan – a SMART Meet

As a person having a Social Media presence, one knows the value of the perfect mix of Time and Authenticity. Certain information or news...

The Kerala Story – why Muslims need to watch it too

For years and years one wondered why India hardly had any films which documented starkly and truely some watershed events which happened in our...

Bheda Ghat – a divine place for darshan of Maa Narmada

Narmada, the fifth longest river in our country is considered one of the holiest rivers. It is believed that Ganga in the form of...

Vishnugupt Vishwa Vidyapeetha – a perfect blend of traditional and modern education

Bharat is the land of wisdom where our ancestors learnt about the secrets of the Universe while they were in deep meditation and then...

Modern Bharat needs Economic Prosperity based on Hindu Civilisational Ethos: WHEF

When Acharya Chanakya said, “Dharmasya moolam arthah” – ‘economy is the strength’; he was quoting a great fact of all times. Without a strong economy, no...

Refusal to sing Jan Gan Man

A little boy was once asked by some people to show the person he thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. He...

#GouSanjivini and #Abhayakshara campaigns – a people’s movement for Gau Seva

In the Ramayana, when Lakshmana lies down unconscious, Hanuman gets the Sanjivini plant to revive Lakshmana, and saves his life. Hanuman is Rama Dasa....

Raksha Bandhan – an ancient tradition distorted by Abrahamic Apologists

It’s that time of the year when some ‘intellectuals’ will start questioning our ancient customs and rituals, indicating how we were and still are...

Cow and New Age ‘Spiritual’ Hindus

Most of the problems of the world are because less than 10% of the world control 100% of the resources of the world. And...

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