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Mentally challenged youngster found dead in Christian home under suspicious circumstances

A 19 year old young man's corpse was discovered in a Christian home for the mentally challenged. Parents have alleged foul play and staged...

TN Finance Minister’s kin accused of eyeing to usurp Shaivite math with 15,000 crore worth properties

A 600 year old Shaivite math in Tamil Nadu is on the verge of losing control its Rs.15,000 crore worth properties to people with...

TN: Headmaster Lawrence arrested for sexually abusing minor girl

A Christian Headmaster has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 7th-grade girl in Tamil Nadu. He was caught by the locals as he tried...

TN Health Minister felicitates Dravidian Stock Youtuber who denigrated Bhagwan Shiva

He compared Bhagwan Nataraja with Kollywood actors who defeat female leads by removing their upper garments and defiled the concept of Chidamabra Rahasyam, saying, “Not wearing under and standing with the leg up showing the penis is Chidambara Ragasiyam, is it?”

Leftist NGOs and Christians force crash-course pujaris to replace hereditary ones in TN temple

In Tamil Nadu, leftist NGOs are forcing HRCE officials to make non-hereditary pujaris perform priestly duties and break the age-old sampradayas. This sacrilege has...

Dravidian Stock Youtube channel makes obscene remarks about the cosmic dance of Nataraja

In yet another incident of so-called atheists civilizing Hindus, a Periyarist cum Dravidian Stockist Youtuber has denigrated Bhagwan Shiva using the most obscene language....

Bengaluru school which asks students to carry Bible gets foreign funds to support Christian workers and ministries in Bharat

Hindu organizations in Karnataka have exposed a Christian school in Bengaluru, forcing non-Christian children to carry the Bible and attend scripture classes. The school...

Zoho adopts a village under Vethathiri Maharishi Trust’s Village Service Project

Vethathiri Maharishi's organization, with whom Zoho has tied up, aims to bring a change in the lifestyle by promoting values based on the traditional Bharatiya system through its Village Service Project

In a win for Hindus, Madras HC sets aside order permitting HRCE take over of Ayodhya Mandapam

The court has allowed HRCE to conduct an inquiry into the allegations while giving the full control of the Mandapam to Sri Ram Samaj till the inquiry is concluded.

“Pray to Jesus, else your body will be deformed”, how school children are frightened and brainwashed by missionaries

"Hindus are Satans. You will only get misery if you do not pray to Jesus. One must use a Bible while praying if they wish to be successful in life", a teacher told a Hindu student

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