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Tuesday, January 25, 2022



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Reforming Indian Bureaucracy Part II: Efforts to reform the system

Part I of the article dealt with describing the bureaucratic system and a critique of its performance. This part will deal with efforts made...

Reforming Indian Bureaucracy- Part I: The current system and its critique

The victory of Narendra Modi in 2014 brought with it countless expectations. Bureaucratic reform was one among these. The first term saw limited action...

Swami Vivekananda on Caste

The process of demonizing Hindu Dharma began in the colonial times. British colonialists ridiculed Hindu “natives” for ritualism, idol worship, and superstition, and casteism....

Love Jihad is sexual predation, community policing needed to fight it

A recent incident in Meerut was reported by the mainstream media (MSM) with the obligatory outrage that must be vented against anything Hindu. Preliminary...

The Nation Owes a Lot to Social Media….

The UPA and Congress party misdeeds are no longer well kept secrets and the sinister Omerta on Sonia is now a thing of the...

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