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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Andrew Korybko

Moscow-based American political analyst specializing in the global systemic transition to multipolarity

The Intercept’s latest leak might deal irreparable damage to Pakistani-Chinese relations

At the same time as Pakistani officials were negotiating with Russia to import oil and abstaining from anti-Russian UNGA Resolutions alongside China, their country’s...

There might be a pattern to the latest incidents on Pakistan’s Afghan & Bharatiya borders

The latest incidents might have been artificially manufactured by Pakistan’s military establishment for purpose of restoring their country’s relevance to the US and China...

Bharat is indispensable to Putin’s plans to develop Russia’s Far Eastern region

India's indispensable role is due to its efforts to swiftly operationalize the Eastern Maritime Corridor, which is poised to become the next Eurasian megaproject...

Vietnam can’t be faulted for comprehensively expanding strategic ties with the US

All that Vietnam is trying to do is strike the best balance of interests possible whereby it maximally benefits from all parties without harming...

Referring to India by its indigenous name as Bharat aligns with the trend of the times

The BJP showed its people that their leaders are breaking the ideational-psychological chains of the colonial-era past, and this in turn shows the world...

It’s time to talk about the ‘Afro-Indo Century’

Considering the unlikelihood of a rapprochement between Bharat and China anytime soon, let alone one that leads to a political resolution of their long-running...

Interpreting the Russian Ambassador to Bharat’s remarks about China’s latest map

The six points that were masterfully conveyed by Russia’s top diplomat in Bharat through just three sentences prove that the Kremlin is displeased with...

What Xi Jinping skipping the G20 summit could mean for the new cold war

If the New Cold War becomes defined by Sino-US systemic rivalry more than anything else in the aftermath of President Xi possibly skipping the...

Vivek Ramaswamy’s plan for ending the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine is pragmatic

Accepting the impossibility of Russia abandoning its mutually beneficial cooperation with China and acknowledging that lifting the sanctions likely won’t happen either, the rest...

Bharat’s pushback against US meddling in Bangladesh is driven by security concerns

Since Bangladesh’s upcoming elections are poised to become the US’ next “trigger event” for geostrategically reshaping South Asia, it’s imperative that India offsets these...

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