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Aashrai Arun Shrivaths

I am a Hindu

Is Shia Extremism Going Under the Radar?

This is Lucknowi Tehzeeb today right out of old Lucknow, the day after Ashura (ie 'muharram'). In the photo above, on the left are -...

Karna: A popular myth busted

It so happened that before the time the Pandavas were incognito in the kingdom of Matsya, Indra asked Chitrasena - the king of the...

What Ravana really was – Pop Mythology and Reality

Today, a lot of people go about preaching that there is no good and no evil, but only grey areas. When in doubt, the...

What is a Gothra?

Lineage is more than just knowing the names of ancestors and feeling proud of them. Lineage is not mere legacy either. Contrary to the...

Rama & Vali

Hindu liberals love to say how dishonourable Rama was when He shot Vali in the back from behind a tree. They are liars. Read...

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